Where To Find Pretty Pebbles In Fire Emblem Engage

While every character in FE Engage has specific gifts that they prefer, there is one item that is universally liked. If you are trying to improve your support level with a character in Fire Emblem Engage and don’t have the gift that the character likes, there is always the option of giving them a pretty pebble.

That being said, pretty pebbles are pretty rare in FE Engage but that is why we are here to explain where you can find pretty pebbles in Fire Emblem Engage to gift to your companions.

How to get Pretty Pebbles in Fire Emblem Engage

Like most of the other gifts and loot items, Pretty Pebbles are found on the ground as sparkling items. You actually won’t know if the item is a pretty pebble until you interact with it and pick it up. On top of that, pretty pebbles are not as commonly found as some other gifts and can’t be purchased from vendors.

This means to get pretty pebbles in FE Engage, you just have to explore the world as much as you can and hope for the best whenever you pick up a sparkling item.

Another possible way to get pretty pebbles is on Alear’s birthday. Every companion will gift you an item on your birthday and there is a chance that it might be a pretty pebble.

So to recap, pretty pebbles are random drops in FE Engage and the best way to get them is to explore Somniel as much as you can after every mission as that’s when the loot resets.

How to use pretty pebbles

As pretty pebble is a giftable item, you can give it to any companion you wish to improve your support rank with. It doesn’t matter which companion it is as a pretty pebble will grant a small boost to everyone you choose to give it to. Unlike gifting Horse Manure, pretty pebbles are actually useful to improve your support rank.

So if you are struggling to romance a character in FE Engage and can’t find the correct gift for them, a pretty pebble can come in handy.

Simply talk to the character you want to impress, choose the pretty pebble as a gift from the menu that opens up and you will end up gaining support points with that character. As the character’s support rank increases, you will unlock new bonuses and support conversations with them.

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