How to Farm Lucky Egg in Pokemon Ultra Sun and Moon

Our Guide on Lucky Egg in Pokemon Ultra Sun and Moon to help you learn all about Lucky Eggs in USAUM and how to use them to Level Up Fast.

Post-game content can be quite challenging, is a term that stands true for all Pokemon games. The grind can really start to get to you, and will lead to you searching for faster ways to gain experience after beating the game. In this Pokemon Ultra Sun and Moon guide, we will be discussing a pretty useful item, Lucky Egg, that you should consider getting once you have completed your main game.

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How to Find Lucky Egg in Pokemon Ultra Sun and Moon

Having a Lucky Egg will make you get EXP at roughly twice the rate that you would usually and it is one of the most efficient ways to level up your Pokemon fast along with the experience sharing method. Read on to find out how you can get your hands on the Lucky Egg and ease your experience of leveling up.

It is important to note that Lucky Egg is a Held Item and only affects the Pokemon holding it.

Talk to Professor Kukui
Before you read further on, remember that you need to completely beat the game in order to be eligible for receiving the egg. After the credits roll, load the game once again and head to the lab of Professor Kukui. The lab is located in the south area of Melemele Island. Speak to the professor and he will reward you with the egg; if you have caught 50 or more Pokemon and recorded their details in your Pokedex.

Steal one from Blissey
Another way of acquiring the Lucky Egg is from wild Blissey which has a 5% chance of holding a Lucky Egg. While the percentage is fairly small, you can use Thief + SOS Chaining to speed up the process a little.

One more thing that you need to keep in mind is Blissey only appears via SOS Battles, requiring you to find a Chansey. You should be able to find Chansey in the shaking trees of the Poni Plains on Poni Island. Do note that they only have a 20% chance of appearing so change or exit route if they don’t appear.

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