Pokemon Ultra Sun and Moon Max Friendship Guide

In this Pokemon Ultra Sun and Moon Max Friendship Guide, we have detailed some Tips and Tricks that should help you attain Maximum Friendship with your Pokémon.

In Pokémon Ultra Sun and Moon, players can build up a bond with their Pokémon, however, the only way to track your friendship with the Pokémon is through the dialogue and the more the friendship the better the Pokémon will perform in the battle. This guide will help you on how to maximize your Friendship with the Pokémon.

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Pokemon Ultra Sun and Moon Max Friendship

In Pokémon Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon, there is no visible numerical value that can help you determine the Friendship Level with your Pokémon though keep in mind that most Pokémon start with a base happiness of 70 apart from some exclusions.

Moreover, if you pay close attention to dialogues, you should get a good understanding of where you stand.

In order to get the dialogue and gauge your Pokemon’s happiness, you need to head to KoniKoni City, Akala Island.

Once there, you will find a woman standing beside the TM shop next to the store with DVD sign, she is the friendship checker for you in the game.

Talk to the woman and she will check your Pokemon’s happiness level for you. However, she will not tell you the amount to Friendship Level straight up, instead she uses certain phrases for specific ranges of Friendship Level that translate as follows:

  • My! It feels incredibly close to you! Nothing makes it happier than being with you! = 250+
  • You clearly love your Pokemon, and you must spend a lot of time together = 200-249
  • Hm. I’d say that you and Pokemon have the potential to be an even greater combo = 150-199
  • Hmmm. I think…it feels friendly toward you. At least a little… = 100-149
  • Hmmm… I’d say that you and your Pokemon still have a long way to go = 50-89
  • What is going on here? Do you let it get knocked out a lot in battles or something? This is bad. = 1-49
  • Oh dear. You must be a merciless Trainer… Do you use Frustration or just not know better? = 0

How to Reach Max Friendship

You can attain Max Friendship in Pokemon Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon by following a few simple techniques. Read on to find all about them.

However, before we begin, do note that if you let your Pokemon faint during the course of a battle, it will decrease your Friendship Level with that Pokemon by a small margin. Therefore, make sure that does not happen.

Soothe Bell
Soothe bell is one of the few items that boost your Pokemon’s Friendship Level. Holding this can increase the friendship by a large amount. It actually doubles the amount of friendship your Pokemon has with you when it holds the bell.

To find this item you need to head to the Pokemon breeder on Route 3, who seems like a very nice person. He shall offer you the Soothe bell, just like that and you can take it for free.

However, before we begin, do note that if you let your Pokemon faint during the course of a battle, it will decrease your Friendship Level with that Pokemon by a small margin. Therefore, make sure that does not happen.

Lomi Lomi
The massage lady in Koni Koni city will give your Pokemon a massage for a special treatment used in Alola. This will improve your Pokemon’s Friendship Level and strengthen your bond with the Pokemon.

All you need to do is talk to her and she will offer to massage your Pokémon that is first in the order you set them and in a moment, you will see a raised Friendship Level; this raise will be +30 if your Pokémon’s current happiness is below 100, +10 if it’s between 100 and 200 and +5 if it’s over 250.

Special Pokeballs
The Friend Ball is a special type of Pokeball that raises your Pokemon’s Friendship Level by a great deal. If you catch a Pokemon with this ball in the first shot, its Friendship Level shoots up to 200 immediately.

However, these are extremely rare in the Pokemon Ultra Sun and Moon and you can have only two of them.

The Luxury Ball is known to being extremely comfortable for the Pokemon. So much so that it raises its Friendship Level of the Pokemon by double the friendship points it earns.

Obtaining this Pokeball is very easy. All you have to do is head to the Pokemon Centre and find the Poke Mart in it. There they will sell to you the Luxury Ball for 1000 points each.

Friendship Berries
If you do not want to go the extra mile to achieve max Friendship Level, these berries are an easy way to attaining max friendship with your Pokemon.

These actually contain EV Reducing Vitamins that lower your Pokemon’s EV of the specific stat they effect.

However, these have a good taste that the Pokemon are fond of, which helps raise the Friendship Level. These berries include Tamato, Hondew, Qualot, etc.

It is also important to note that although the stats that the berries target can no longer be decreased because they hit a minimum, the friendship will still keep rising until it is maxed out.

You can also find these berries on Route 10 on the West side of the town.

There you will find a tree that gives five berries a day. But beware, you might end up in battle with a wild Pokemon.

Another way to obtaining these is in the Poke Pelago, where you can plant the berries.

They take 48 hours to grow after which you can come and harvest them to use on your Pokemon.

Walking you Pokemon
Talking a walk with your Pokemon also increase the Friendship Level. It is said that the Friendship Level with the Pokemon in Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon has a chance of going up every 130 steps or so. However, this is a slow and tiresome process.

But doubling it up with the Soothe Bell can bring about a decent amount of boost to your Pokemon’s Friendship Level.

What Not to Do?
Apart from all this, there are certain action that stand to damage your Pokemon’s relation with you by lowering the Friendship Level. Following are a few of these, that you need to avoid.

  • Let your Pokemon faint in battle
  • Keep the Pokémon in the Pokéball for long. Or keeping it stored in the PC.
  • Feed them Power items such as Energy Powder. These do not taste good, usually soar in taste, which the Pokémon do not like.
  • Using EV Vitamins
  • Catching a Wild Pokémon with a Friend Ball
  • Using certain herbs like the Revival Herb

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