Final Fantasy XV Renting Chocobo Guide – How to Get Chocobo, Use It For Travel

Driving the Regalia or running around on foot aren’t the only way of travelling in the world of Final Fantasy XV. Fan favorites and one of the few things that are consistent in pretty much every Final Fantasy game, Chocobos, also make a return.

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In Final Fantasy XV, Noctis and his friends can rent out Chocobos to travel the rough terrain. Not only is Chocobo travel faster compared to running on foot, it allows access to areas inaccessible by the Regalia which is restricted to main roads and dirt tracks.

To access Chocobos in Final Fantasy XV, players first need to complete the Keycatrich Trench dungeon. Basically they need to play through the story until they gain access to the Duscae region. Once they are in Duscae, upon reaching the first settlement to refuel the car, Prompto will talk to Noctis and suggest checking out nearby Chocobos.

Players will be given a choice here, whether to accept Prompto’s request or continue onward with the main story mission. It is a good idea to accept the request as it will unlock a new side quest, Friends of a Feather.

Once players start tracking the quest, they will need to go to a nearby area, the Wiz Chocobo Outpost to see if they can rent some. Unfortunately, Chocobo travel will be restricted at that time on account of a nearby Behemoth making the area unsafe.


Players are tasked to defeat the behemoth, known as Deadeye, if they go the Hunt section while talking to the guy at the Outpost. After picking up the A Behemoth Undertaking hunt quest, players need to proceed to Nebulawood Parking Spot, venture into the forest and then pass through a rock formation.

As they reach Deadeye, a cutscene will begin after which Deadeye will start moving away to his lair. Players need to follow him while making sure they don’t get spotted so moving slowly in this area, hanging back and taking occasional cover is recommended. Deadeye is blind in his right eye so players should stick to the right side while following him.

Once Deadeye is back in his lair, players can begin the encounter and try to defeat Deadeye. The behemoth being huge, deals a lot of damage with each hit so it is best to avoid his attacks and constantly use cover. Once again, the right side being his weak spot can be exploited to get up close and deal damage.

The fastest way to defeat Deadeye is to use the nearby oil barrels to set him on fire. Players need to lure him to the barrels and then use Fire magic to set fire to them. To do this, they need to ensure they have ample amount of Fire energy available and they have crafted Fire spells from the Elemancy section of the menu.

After Deadeye has been defeated, players need to head back to the Wiz Chocobo Outpost, talk to the guy there and tell him the Behemoth has been defeated. Players need to use rental tickets to rent chocobos. These tickets can be purchased from Rent a Bird Terminals located throughout the map on various outposts, marked by a bird icon.

Chocobos can be summoned by a Chocobo Whistle which is acquired once players complete the quest. Renting a Chocobo costs 50 gil per day and players can rent them for up to 7 days at a time.

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