Final Fantasy XV Balouve Mines Dungeon Walkthrough

In this Final Fantasy XV Balouve Mines Dungeon Guide, we will give you a detailed walkthrough of the Balouve Mines Dungeon in Final Fantasy XV. Balouve Mines is one of the many challenging dungeons you will go through in Final Fantasy XV.

We have provided instructions in detail as though how to clear the dungeon including tips and tricks to defeat the dungeon boss as well as the loot that you can get in this dungeon in this Final Fantasy XV Balouve Mines Dungeon Guide.

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Final Fantasy XV Balouve Mines Dungeon

Balouve Mines is one of the most disappointing dungeons in the whole game. It lacks both in enemies and in the loot.

The only good thing about this dungeon is the boss, which is a gigantic Aramusha. Apart from the boss, the dungeon is fairly easy to complete.

Right from the start of the dungeon, you will face Goblins. These Goblins are pretty weak as they are only level 7.

All the enemies that you face in this dungeon are Goblins and all of them will be level 7 so you can easily dispose of them without much problem if you are relatively high in level and pack some good weapons with you.

When it comes to loot, Balouve Mines disappoint too as there are only five collectible loot in the whole dungeon. The first item that you should collect is an Emerald bracelet.

To collect it, climb the staircase all the way to the top in the boss battle room after Gladio hints about something in the store. In the boss room, if you look near the red truck like object, you will find a Champions Anklet.

After you are done with the boss, head ahead and approach the elevator. Behind this elevator, you will find a Friendship band.

There is also a Royal Arm Bow of the Cleaver in this dungeon that you should collect. This is located inside the Royal Tomb at the end of the dungeon.

Apart from these notable loot items, you will find severable parts that will be required for car recipes throughout the dungeon. That is all for the loot section of this guide.

Boss Battle

The only thing challenging about this dungeon is the boss fight and you will fight the Aramusha here.

Aramusha is a gigantic boss of level 52 and he is so powerful that he can take you from full health to KO status with just one hit. Your best bet against him are lightning based attacks and dodging all his attacks.

Once you are done with the boss, you must reach the Royal Tomb to complete the dungeon.

In the boss room, search for a crack in the upper levels of the room by going to the North East Corner of the room. Go through this crack and you will find yourself heading towards the Royal Tomb.

This concludes our Final Fantasy XV Balouve Mines Dungeon Guide. If you have anything to add to this guide, feel free to use the comments section below!

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