Final Fantasy 7 Remake Best Materia Locations Guide

This guide will revolve around all the materia present in Final Fantasy 7 Remake. We will discuss what materia is, how it works and how or where you can find it and then use it in this Final Fantasy 7 Remake Best Materia Guide.

The location of no materia is fixed as there are multiple locations of its availability and we cannot point out one. Most of them are also available from the vending machine that also deals in music discs.

Final Fantasy 7 Remake Best Materia

Energies of the planet are used to make materia which looks like small orbs of energy. They have the capability of enabling you with using a single or sometimes multiple abilities and you can benefit a lot from them.

In order to use Materia, you have to slot in into a weapon or you can slot it in an armor piece and the number or arrangement of slots in any item varies from weapon to weapon or armor to armor.

How to use Materia

Materia can be set on equipment in the menu. After Chapter 2, Jessie will give you a healing materia, which will unlock the menu allowing you to set up materia in you equipment.

All of your equipment, your weapon, armor and accessories may have slots for materia. These are represented by circles next to the icon. You can increase the number of slots by upgrading your equipment with skill points.

Remember that materia does not have any stacking effect, so make sure you do not equip two of the same type, but one of each. You can level up materia to increase their strength.

Leveling Up Materia

You can level up your materia to make it stronger and to increase it’s effect. As you progress through the game, you get Ability Points [AP] for winning battles. These AP points automatically upgrade your equipped materia.

The level of your materia is indicated by star rating on them. Higher the star rating, higher the materia level. As you progressively level up materia, you will unlock stronger versions of their ability.

Linking Materia

You can also Link Materia in the game. Certain weapons and armor have two linked slots. These can be recognized as they are together, and covered by an out line.

These allow you to link elemental materia to magic materia. If you equip any elemental in one and magic in the other,it increases the strength of the elemental materia. On weapons, it increases the attack, while it increases resistance on armor.

Materia Types

There are slots that can house two materia and these combinations can be very useful and have amazing effects. There are five groups that the Materia can be divided into based on their color.

Let’s take a look at these groups:

Green Materia

This is the Magic Materia; you can cast its magic abilities which would use your MP along with one ATB action.

Yellow Materia

You will use up your ATB bar to do a new command using this Command Materia.

Blue Materia

You will need to pair this with some other materia because this is Support Materia and it can help enhance the effects of other materia.

Purple Materia

Purple colored materia is your Independent Materia with a unique effect for each of these along with passive bonuses for your abilities.

Red Materia

You can summon strong beasts using this Summon Materia. This is most powerful one in my opinion.

Noe let’s discuss all the materia available in the game one by one. Starting out with Green Materia:

Magic Materia

We have already discussed what kind of materia this is. If you enemy has any elemental weakness these would be very helpful. You can find a lot of these for sale easily. Let’s take a look:

Deals fire damage that increases with each of the three levels. Can be found in Item shop at Sector 7 and at many more places, regardless, Cloud already has this.

Deals lightning damage that increases with each of the three levels. Can be found in Item shop at Sector 7 and at many more places, regardless, Barret already has this. It is also present in the Section E of Corkscrew tunnels, on Level 5 of Reactor 5 of Mako.

Deals ice damage that increases with each of the three levels. Can be found in Item shop at Sector 7 and at many more places, regardless, Aerith already has this. You can also get it from Scrap Boulevard,

Deals wing damage that increases with each of the three levels and you can get it from Chadley by doing Battle Intel 2 for him.

Your get health regeneration that increases with each of the four levels. The difference in third level from the rest of the levels is that it gradually regenerates health as time passes.

Can be found in Item shop at Sector 7 and at many more places, regardless, Barret already has this, and you can also get it in chapter 2 when Jessie gives it to Cloud.

You can revive your allies using this materia. The difference between two of these levels is the amount of health received after reviving an ally. You get this in Chapter 4 when you are done with the fight and following Jessie. You can also get it from shops after that.

Grants you and your allies defense from damage.  The first level cuts physical damage in half and the second level does the same with magic damage and the third level cuts both in half. You will get it close to the finale of chapter 4 or you can go to the Wall Market and find one inside an alleyway.

This help you to stop enemies from doing specific or any kind of damage when a status is applied. With level one you get the Sleep status and no damage befalls you until you wake up.

Silence comes at level 2 and you are safe from spellcasting. On level 3 you go berserk and the damage deal is increased a lot. You will find it in the slums at Sector 6 close to the 2nd robotic hand puzzle.

The rate of the refilling of ATB gauge is increased with each level. If you complete the side quest “Missing Children” you will get it or from the loot in Drum facility dungeon.

Gets you rid of various health damage factors, Poison is removed from the first level, level 2 get you rid off every detrimental effect and level 3 prevents it. You can get it from Sector 7 after you have completed “Rat Problem”.

Command Materia

These are command materia. They work without using MP, but they do require ATB. Here’s the list:

If you take damage, you get a portion of your HP back which start from 20% at level 1 and increases by 5% with each of the five levels. Tifa has this materia and in Chapter 14 it is present in Corneo’s Mansion or you can get it from the Church in sector 5.

You can get your enemy’s information. Level one restricts it to one enemy a t a time but level 2 allows you to scan all. Get it from the kid in the Market called Chadley.

2 ATB is used to regain health and the amount of HP restored increases with each of the 5 levels. Aerith has this from the start and you can get it from the north of the slums in sector 5 in Chapter 14 or in the quest “Corneo’s Secret Stash”

You can use Steal with this materia. This is available from Chadley when you finish battle Report 4.

ATB Boost
ATB is restored much quickly and this speed increases with each of the 5 levels. Complete Battle intel report 4 and get it from Chadley.


This is the support materia which can only be used to enhance the effects of other materia which can be very useful. Here’s the list:

The elements in the game are Fire, Ice, Lightning and Wind, of course they have never studied chemistry.

If you have slotted elemental damage and this materia together you will get 8% increase in elemental damage from level 1 that increases by 7% for each of the three levels along with each level providing defense from elemental damage if slotted into armor. This is available at the Sector 4 Plate in Chapter 6

It is understood from the  name that it is going to amplify the effects of other materia. It can increase range and number of enemies it hits.

It has three stages that provide better resistance with each level. You will find in the course of third arm puzzle in the slums of Sector 6.

A dual materia slot is required to make it work and it can reduce any ailment occurring with any of the other materia.

Level 1 grants 25% less debuff time period which double with each of the 2 upper levels. Go to the sewers during the quest “On the other side” during Chapter 10 or the Underground lab in Sector 7 post collapse during chapter 13.

This one can be bought from Chadley after you have done Battle Intel Report 9. It will enable the linked materia of a team mate to do attack that follows the attack from the leader. IT can be used with Wind, poison, magic, Fire, lightning and Ice.

HP Absorption
Another dual slot materia that helps you heal your HP when you attack using the other materia in combination.20% of the damage that you deal is absorbed and this increases by 10% for the upper two level. Finish Battle Report 19  and get it from Chadley.

MP Absorption
Has the same function as that of the HP materia but with MP. You can get it from the same person but by doing Battle Report 18.

You can find it in chapter 14 close to Aerith’s house. It converts itself into another materia after five thousand steps.

AP Up Materia
100% increase in AP for the linked materia. Pedometer can be converted to AP Up by taking 5000 steps.


This category of materia of very peculiar and have very distinct abilities which is why they are called Independent Materia. Let’s have a look:

As it is going to be the case for most of the Materia in this group, the name tells its function. It increases HP regeneration by 10% for the first level which increases by 10% for each level. You can get this from the Train Graveyard or the upper sector 8.

This one increases your MP that same way as the former materia increases HP. It can be found at various location in Chapter 3, 6 and 8.

Magic Up
The power for magic attack increases by 5% with each of its five levels. You can find it in chapter 7 and 14 at the Mako Reactor 5 and at Wall Market respectively.

Luck Up
Increase your luck stat by 10% with each of the 5 levels. You can find it in chapter 3, 9 or 14 by placing the first darts, or at Wall market respectively.

100% increase in the amount if EXP gained. Finish the Three-Person Team vs. Team Ragbag challenge in chapter 16 or 17 to get this.

Gil Up
Everything about this materia is the same as EXP materia except the fact that its affects  Gil instead of EXP.

Dead Dodge
You will dodge and then immediately do a wide effect area attack. It has two levels; the first one enables you to use deadly doge the 2nd one makes this dodge even more deadly. You can find it in Chapter 2 in upper sector 8.

With the first level of this materia, you would be able to use parry and with the second level the damage due to parry increases and you get ATB boost. Complete Battle Intel Report 3 and get it from Chadley.

First Strike
Increases the ATB before the battle starts. The quantity of increase gets higher with each level.  Complete Battle report 3 and get it from Chadley.

You get the auto-cure functionality with this materia. For the first level you get this functionality 3 times and for the second level 10 times. Battle intel Report 1 when completed gets you this from Chadley.

Item Master
The items used have increased effect during fights. The increase with level 1 is 30% which increases by 10% with each of the upper 2 levels. You have to complete Battle Report 11 and get it from Chadley.

ATB Stagger
Your ATB is increased upon staggering an opponent. When you repeat command 2 times you get a small ATB boost which increase with each levels. Battle Report 14 when finished gets you this from Chadley.

You can use the provoke ability with this materia. Level 1 lets you use this ability for 60 seconds which increases by 30 for each Level. For this you need battle report 6 to be finished.

Skill Master
Using multiple ATB commands refills the ATB gauge using this materia. If you use 3 commands, then there is an increase in the gauge level and this increases with each of its 3 levels. You need to finish Battle Report 17 for this.

Using this materia will get you another ATB part in the bar so you can use one more command. It is mostly gained as reward but Aerith has this from the start.

You can get this as reward for , “Two-Person Team vs. Dynamic Duos”,  “Three-Person Team vs. Monsters of Legend”.

These are all the materia present in the game. Now we will discuss the best combination the one can make in order to get the best out of these orbs.

Best Materia Combinations

There are several combinations, but we will discuss the ones that we consider are the best. Most of the combinations are done with support materia along with some other command or magic materia.

Let’s take a look at the list:

Added Effect and Time

Status effect immunity is common among enemies in FF but in FF7 slow inflicts a lot of damage to the. Slow can be used to cause a lot of damage and you can use it by adding Time to the weapon you use.

Final Attack and Phoenix

The materia used with Final Attack is activated when you knock out an opponent. If you combine the Phoenix summon with it, it will be devasting for the enemies as it is very it can revive any ally or even yourself.

Heal and Magic Counter

You will heal your HP when countering a strong attack.

If you use these combinations, there is a definite chance that you will get the upper hand in any fight. Other than that there can be other combination that would be very good as well but these are the ones that have been tested and proved to be worth the effort.

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