Final Fantasy 7 Remake AP Farming Guide

Final Fantasy VII Remake’s RPG mechanics revolve around certain key components that build up your character’s effectiveness at defeating enemies efficiently. Throughout the course of the game, you will be using AP to upgrade your Materia orbs that are used alongside your equipment. To farm this resource, we prepared this Final Fantasy 7 Remake AP Farming Guide.

If you feel like shredding late-game by grinding a few things prior, then this FF7 Remake AP farming guide is for you, we will help you in finding the best way to get your AP up.

Final Fantasy 7 Remake AP Farming

Defeating any enemy will contribute to your total XP, allowing you to level up as well as your AP.

Make sure to have the right Materia equipped; specifically, the one that you want to level up. Go ahead and select the desired Materia throughout all the characters currently in your party.

Leveling out your Materia to the max allows you to Master Materia, making you stronger essentially against enemies weak to specific Materia types.

AP Up Materia
Linking this Materia up with the desired Materia will allow it to gain 100% more AP after every initiated battle.

It is initially found in the form known as Pedometer Materia during Chapter 14. To obtain its true form, you will have to walk a total of 5000 steps (While equipped) which will transform it into AP Up Materia.

Connect it to either your weapon or equipment slot to make the magic work and start grinding away. If you find a specific Materia too tedious to level up, the AP Up Materia provides a huge advantage.

Corneo Coloseum (During Chapter 9)
Once you’ve got your AP equipped and your AP Up Materia connected, it’s time to fight. Naturally, you could just continue your course with the story, or go out of your way to level up all your Materia.

A method we would recommend, would be to use the Corneo Coloseum at your leisure.

It pits you against a series of opponents that you will need to fight, and you will find yourself with quite enough XP by the end of every battle. This is a great place to start maxing out your desired Materia.

Shinra Combat Simulator (During Chapter 15)
The Shinra Combat Simulator allows you to have multiple encounters, one specific is the ‘Three-Person Team vs. Team Ragbag’, which will reward you with a fair amount of AP, roughly 150+ each run.

Hojo’s Combat Simulator (During Chapter 17)
Finish the game, and go back to Chapter 17 where you will meet Chadley.

Here, you will unlock Hojo’s Personal Simulator allowing you to find some new challenges on harder difficulties. Try ‘Three-Person Team vs. Monster of Legend’ which is the best grind for a Level 50 team.

Use the Corneo Coloseum at first, and then only when you are strong enough, try the Shinra Combat Simulator.

After maxing your level out, the best way you can go forward about increasing your AP is by using Hojo’s Combat Simulator, allowing you to repeatedly perform harder challenges to effectively increase your AP.

Finishing the Game
Beating the game gives your party a permanent boost to your EXP and AP gain. All encounters will give you three times the AP and EXP gained once you finally finish the game.

This is a huge boost over the AP Up Materia’s boost that you already had. For all the completionists, you can use all these boosts and start grinding away with the methods mentioned above.

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