Final Fantasy 16 The Nine of Knives Notorious Mark Hunt

One of the Notorious Mark in Final Fantasy 16 is The Nine of Knives which people of Valisthea need to be hunted.

One of the Notorious Mark in Final Fantasy 16 is The Nine of Knives which people of Valisthea need to be hunted. It is not a gang but a sole dangerous brigand. He is A Rank enemy who bears two sharp ninja swords and is fast enough to cut down his opponents in seconds.

To access the area of Dhalmekia, you must first take the main story quest “Out of the Shadow” and then take the Nine of Knives Notorious Mark hunt as a bounty hunt from the Hideaway in FF16.

The Nine of Knives location in Final Fantasy 16

You can find The Nine of Knives in the Dhalmekian Republic. He will be located to the north of Jaw Obelisk. So, to get to him, go to the middle of the area and look for the main trail. Follow the road by riding Chocobo, and eventually, you will see a masked man who is armed and standing beside some corpses. He is your mark, ready to fight you.

How to defeat The Nine of Knives in FF16

This enemy is a great melee combat fighter who is very quick. It can come back and forth and land hits after jumping. The strategy to beat him is to play safe and defensive, as he will aggressively hit and use his attacks. He does not leave any open gap for longer to get attacked, so you have to be quick.

Dodge down his melee attacks like lunges and leaps the spinning leap wildly. Track his attack pattern to avoid the hits timely and use Eikon’s abilities to deal heavy damage in gaps.

The Nine of Knives in Final Fantasy 16 will also use attacks from a distance, Poison Mist, and Smokescreen. In Poison Mist, he will breathe out hazardous mist, which must be avoided, while in Smokescreen, he throws smoke at your front, which will burst shortly.

These attacks have a long range but can easily be dodged. But be alert, as you are still vulnerable to getting a follow-attack through the smoke. When The Nine of Knives’ health is below half, it will unleash its most lethal attack, Undermine, in which he will dig through the ground and tunnel to another place near you.

Dust build lets you identify his place of emerging from the ground. Be mindful of it and quickly change your position. You must use Deadly Embrace when you have reduced his Will gauge to half.

The Nine of Knives in FF16 could be faster than expected but can be defeated if you focus. Dodge at the right time and hit hard when the enemy is open. Use Garuda’s Abilities to reduce his health and Will and deal heavy damage when staggered; he will soon die.


You will get the following rewards for completing the Nine of Knives hunt in FF16.

  • 25 Wyrrite
  • 2 Meteorite
  • 30 Renown
  • 10,500 gil
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