Final Fantasy 16 The Angel Of Death (Aruna) Notorious Mark Hunt

In Final Fantasy 16, you will get the Angel of Death hunt from the Huntboard, where you must take out Aruna.

In Final Fantasy 16, you will get the Angel of Death hunt, where you must take out Aruna. You can get this hunt after completing the Gathering Storm main quest. She is another flying boss that you will find in Claireview.

Among the many Notorious Marks, the Aruna, aka Angel of Death, is the one we will look at. Our guide will brief you about Aruna and how to defeat her.

Angel of Death (Aruna) location in Final Fantasy 16

Aruna appears like an evil bird with two arms made of blades. It is a C-rank enemy with a Level of 27. Aruna will only be available after you complete mission 31, “Release,” in the main quests.

You can fight Aruna in Sanbreque in the middle of a Claireview region. She will be flying around the region. Approach her and challenge her for battle.

How to defeat Aruna in FF16

Aruna is very mobile as it flies around with pace. It is a little hard to catch on and attack frequently as she moves from one place to another very quickly. You have to pay close attention and follow every move of Aruna.

Aruna will charge at you and strike you with its blade hands, wings, and legs. She will also release orbs at you, which you can avoid by noticing the signal. Her will break in the middle of the fight, causing her to pause for a while.

This will be your best chance to strike Aruna in Final Fantasy 16 as much as possible. Pull the best attacks you have at this time. Another thing to watch out for is when Aruna lifts her left hand; she will quickly move behind you and release an AoE attack which will be critical if you get caught.

You can also notice a green ring around the fighting area, indicating the arena’s boundary. If you get bounced by an attack from Aruna, the fight will reset. So watch out for that.


Defeating Aruna in FF16 will give you the following items as rewards:

  • 350 XP
  • 40 Ability Points
  • 6200 Gil
  • 10 Renown
  • Clouded Eye x1
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