Final Fantasy 16 Prince of Death Hunt, The Grim Reaper

Encountering Prince of Death in Final Fantasy 16 is a good source of precious rewards, but defeating it is also tricky at the same time.

The Grim Reaper in Final Fantasy 16 is one of these Notorious Marks featuring the Prince of Death monster. Encountering these giant enemies is a good source of precious rewards, but defeating them is also tricky at the same time.

The first hurdle to fight with the Prince of Death is to unlock The Grim Reaper|Prince of Death Notorious Mark hunt in FF 16. It unlocks at level 40, which is also the level of the Prince of Death, but with that, players must also complete the Under New Management 1 and 2 side quests. Once done, protagonist Clive must speak to Jill in the Back to Their Origin main story quest before going to Origin.

The next step is to find and defeat the Prince of Death. This guide includes how you can find and defeat the Prince of Death in The Prince of Death (Grim Reaper) Notorious Mark hunt.

Prince of Death Hunt is quite important due to the rewards it offers. Darksteel is actually needed to have the best weapon for Clive in FF 16.


If you are having an issue where Prince of Death Hunt is not appearing, make sure that you have both Under New Management I and II completed. Under New Management II doesn’t appear until the last quest of the game. Any other bug/glitch can be fixed by restarting and reading the hunt boards again.

Prince of Death location in Final Fantasy 16

The location of the Prince of Death monster is on a hill in the Cape Orsiere area of The Holy Empire of Sanbreque. Players can use the Northreach Obelisk to fast travel in the region. Players can reach The Grim Reaper Notorious Mark through the mountains by traveling west from this point. After crossing the hills, You can find Prince of Death in the plain area.

How to defeat the Prince of Death in FF16

The Grim Reaper (Prince of Death) is a red-glowing monster with a scythe as the primary weapon and fights like any other scythe-wielding enemy in Final Fantasy 16. The attack moves are much like Akashic Enemies but are much more dangerous. Understanding and memorizing the attacking pattern is very useful in dodging these attacks. The Grim Reaper also attacks with blue projectiles of its scythe. In such cases, Heatwave can be used to avoid the projectiles.

The key to defeating the Prince of Death in Final Fantasy 16 is patience. It uses Soul Harvest at low health, which is quite a powerful attack. Dodging and using the Gigaflare is the best choice for knocking the monster down. Keep your distance when the Grim Reaper is swinging and find the right moment to charge and attack it. Free or stun attacks can be very useful as he is no light target.

Rewards for defeating Prince of Death (Grim Reaper)

Defeating formidable enemies like Prince of Death in Final Fantasy 16 also results in tremendous rewards. In the case of Prince of Death, players can quickly get their hands on the following items:

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