Final Fantasy 16 Phoenix, Heal Thyself Walkthrough

The Phoenix, Heal Thyself in Final Fantasy 16 is a side quest in which Jote wants Clive's help to get some medicine to relieve Joshua's pain.

If you want to eat extra rewards, side quests are the best way. The Phoenix, Heal Thyself in Final Fantasy 16 is a side quest in which Jote wants Clive’s help to get some medicine to relieve Joshua’s pain. Once side quests unlock, you must approach the location and accept it to begin. The same goes for Phoenix, Heal Thyself side quest in FFXVI.

You can only attempt this side quest during the main quest (Across the Narrow). After you have unlocked it, go to the infirmary in Hideaway and talk to Jote.

How to complete Phoenix, Heal Thyself in FF16

Accept the quest to begin and head to the marked location. Open the map and fast-travel to Three Reeds in the Imperial Province of Rosaria.

Obtain stonawort near Rosaria’s aqueducts

After reaching there, follow the marker to the desired location. Since the distance is long, you can also mount a Chocobo to reduce the traveling time. At the location, you will come across a bunch of Akashic enemies.

Small ones are easy to defeat, but the Akashic Gigas in Final Fantasy 16 might give you some trouble. Its powerful attack will take your health if not dodged. Use your powerful abilities to defeat it quickly. After slaying it, look around for Stonawort.

Deliver the stonawort to Jote in the hideaway

Once you find them, interact with them to gather them. You must gather three Stonaworts, so look around until you find all. After gathering Stonawarts, open the map and fast-travel to Hideaway. Follow the marker to the infirmary and hand Stonawarts to Jote to complete the Phoenix, Heal Thyself in FF16.

Phoenix, Heal Thyself rewards in Final Fantasy 16

For completing this quest, you will get the following rewards:

  • 150x Magicked Ash
  • 1x Meteorite
  • 3,600 EXP
  • 500 Ability Points
  • 30 Renown
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