How To Defeat Gigas In Final Fantasy 16

Gigas is the first boss you fight against in Final Fantasy 16. You can find Gigas in the Old Village Square in Stillwind during the ...

Playing through the prologue of FF16, killing those pesky-looking goblins will seem very interesting until they call in their huge buff friend, Gigas. Gigas is the first boss you fight against in Final Fantasy 16.

You can find Gigas in the Old Village Square in Stillwind during the Lost in a Fog quest. Since you are still in Prologue and he is the first boss, the boss fight is simple enough to grasp and test yourself against an actual enemy.

Gigas is just another goblin, but it is significant and wields a large mace for bashing your skull. Since it is your first Formidable Foe, this guide will help you defeat Gigas in Final Fantasy 16.

How to defeat Gigas in Final Fantasy 16

The fight with Gigas in FF16 will be in two phases, and we will tell you about them separately.

Phase 1

The first phase sees Gigas using targeted slow attacks. All his attacks in this phase are meant for a single member of your party, making it much easier to predict and dodge them. He is also slower during this phase.

Gigas’s main attack during the first phase is an overhead mace smash. The FF16 Gigas boss will raise his mace and smash it on his target. The attack is delayed, and dodging too early will allow Gigas to land the hit. The best way to dodge is when Gigas just starts his swing to smash the mace.

A single dodge is enough, leaving FFXVI Gigas boss open for a few counterattack hits. The next main attack he uses is a basic sweep. Gigas will swing his mace around himself. This attack has a hitbox of 170°, so don’t try dodging the attack to either side. Instead, dodge back to avoid getting hit.

Again, the swing is slow and predictable, always leaving Gigas open for attacks in FF16. Gigas move around slowly, so you can use ranged attacks to deal extra damage. You aim to stun Gigas during this phase, so you can enter the second phase after depleting a significant portion of Gigas’s health.

Phase 2

After Gigas hits 50% HP, he enters his second phase. The phase sees the boss become much more aggressive, moving around faster and landing faster attacks. Gigas’ attacks in FFXVI also become somewhat unpredictable in this phase, so you best be on guard.

Gigas also starts making a big swing attack, moving around the arena while swinging his mace. The only way to avoid this attack is to stay away. You can’t dodge it, so you best just run away. Keep your distance until Gigas stops, then move in for a few hits.

Keep your distance in the second phase and take advantage of the small openings to defeat Gigas in Final Fantasy XVI. But don’t get greedy, as Gigas won’t care for your little sword and bash you.

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