How To Get Orichalcum In Final Fantasy 16

The Orichalcum is a useful item that’s required mostly to craft weapons and accessories like the Gotterdammerung Sword in Final Fantasy 16.

One of the most popular aspects of Final Fantasy 16 is its crafting system. However, just like all crafting systems, each item requires a crafting material to be made – and that may include Orichalcum.

The Orichalcum is a very useful item that’s required mostly to craft weapons and accessories like the Gotterdammerung Sword. Getting more powerful swords as you progress through the story is quite important as you encounter stronger and stronger enemies.

This is why getting your hands on a few pieces of Orichalcum never hurts. If you’re on the hunt for some but don’t know where to find them, then consider this the perfect place to be.

How to get Orichalcum in Final Fantasy 16

If you’re looking to find some Orichalcum in FF16, then you may want to progress far enough into the story first. This is because the crafting material is only dropped by a few Notorious Marks that are classified as S-Rank.

The problem is that these Marks are accessed via the Hut Board, and the quests that they are related to are unlocked fairly late in the game.

There are a few specific quests that you have to complete in order to find these monsters and obtain their Orichalcums. The quest name and the monsters they include are as follows:

  • Out of the Shadow: Atlas
  • Things Fall Apart: Svarog
  • Across the Narrow: Gorgimera
  • After the Battle at Drake’s Spine: Behemoth King

Considering that there are four monsters that drop an Orichalcum, you can only get four for now. However, the fifth and the last Orichalcum in FF16 can only be obtained after completing the Under New Management quest.


The Atlas is located in the eastern corner of the Imperial Province of Rosaria, just across Cressida.


The Svarog is located in the southeastern corner of the Holy Empire of Sanbreque, just across Mornebrume.


The Gorgimera is located in the western portion of the Dhalmekian Republic, just northwest of the Dalimill Inn.

Behemoth King

The Behemoth King is located in the northern corner of the Kingdom of Waloed, just past Vidargraes.

How to use Orichalcums in Final Fantasy 16

Upon obtaining all five of the Orichalcum Final Fantasy 16 has to offer, you’ll be all set to craft some of the finest armor and weapons in the game. These include:

  • The Ouroboros belt
  • The Sons of the Ouroboros vambraces
  • The Gotterdammerung Sword

You can craft these items at The Black Hammer located in Cid’s Hideaway.

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