Final Fantasy 16 Kuza Beast Notorious Mark Hunt

Kuza Beast hunt in Final Fantasy 16 is associated with a side quest, and before encountering the beast, you need to complete that quest.

In Final Fantasy 16, you will face Kuza Beast in one of the Notorious Mark Hunts in the game. Kuza Beast is associated with a side quest of the main storyline. This means you have to begin the side quest to have an encounter with this giant beast.

For the Kuza Beast Notorious Mark Hunt, you must complete the Back to Their Origin main story quest. This will unlock Nobody’s Tool side quest in the game. By doing so, players will get eligible to play out the Kuza Beast in Final Fantasy 16. The next important thing after unlocking the hunt is to find and reach the starting location for the Kuza Beast hunt.

Kuza Beast’s location in Final Fantasy 16

It is located in the Balmung Dark area of the Kingdom of Waloed. You must make your way to the Ravenwit Walls using one of the Obelisk fast travel points.

Once you have reached Ravenwit Walls Obelisk, you can approach the starting location for the Kuza Beast Hunt in FF16 by walking east.

How to defeat the Kuza Beast in FF16

While progressing through the main storyline quest, you will face multiple bosses, such as Behemoth, early in the game. Much like the earlier bosses, the strategies for defeating Kuza Beast are pretty much the same and are mentioned below:

There are two main attacks; Charge Attack and the Comet Shockwaves associated with the monster. Failing to counter these attacks can provide significant loss to Clive’s health. There is a small dodge window that you can use to save yourself from all Kuza Beast incoming attacks in Final Fantasy 16.

The beast will become stunned once you deliver Melee and Ranged attacks on him. This small window can be used to attack him further without fear of counters.

Staggering Kuza Beast using Clive’s Eikonic abilities, such as Garuda’s Aerial Blast, can deliver extra damage vital in winning this fight.

Kuza Beast will use magic to rain comet projectiles onto Clive. When that happens, try to run as far away from the initial impact of the comet as possible. The magic attacks are so intense that the fireballs will create small shockwaves that must be avoided.

During the second phase of the Kuza Beast fight in FF16, he can use Comets that can also deal damage using the shockwaves. For that purpose, you can use Eikonic abilities such as Titanic Block or Deadly Embrace to protect yourself.

Conclusively, defense is the key to win for this fight in Final Fantasy 16. Due to slow response time, players can quickly attack the monster. So defending the protagonist against the Charge Attacks and Comet Shockwaves is the key point for winning the fight.


Defeating formidable enemies in Final Fantasy 16 also results in amazing rewards. The rewards for defeating Kuza Beast include:

  • 5500 EXP
  • 90 Ability points
  • 1500 Gil
  • 35 Renown
  • 1 Behemoth Shackle
  • 2 Meteorites
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