How To Defeat Behemoth In Final Fantasy 16

Behemoth is a main story boss in Final Fantasy 16 that appears during the 45th main quest, Streets of Madness....

Behemoth is a main story boss in Final Fantasy 16 that appears during the 45th main quest, Streets of Madness. On their way to destroy Drake’s Spine in Final Fantasy 16 and finally take down Ultima, Joshua and Clive come across the Behemoth on a bridge.

in FF16, Behemoth resembles a massive Minotaur that can make anyone tremble with fear only by its appearance. Upon approaching the bridge, Behemoth attacks the party with meteor strikes. Joshua saves the day but the danger is far from over.

How to defeat Behemoth in Final Fantasy 16

FF16 Behemoth

Behemoth in Final Fantasy XVI always starts the fight by crouching on its front paws and leaping towards Clive. This pounce attack is difficult to dodge due to its strange timing. Wait until Behemoth is very near and then perform a Precision dodge to reach its back, creating an opening for a few attacks.

Phase 1

Behemoth retaliates by using a 360 degree tail spin attack. This attack does a lot of damage but is easy to evade. Other melee attacks by the Behemoth in FF16 include claw swipes, slash attacks and a vertical overhead slam. All these attacks are extremely powerful but they provide Clive with enough room to execute Precision Evade successfully.

In Final Fantasy XVI, Behemoth also uses a named attack called Comet before the first stagger. During this attack, Behemoth summons two massive comets at regular intervals. These comets strike the ground at their designated locations (marked by a glowing circle) and send out shockwaves that deal additional damage to Clive.

Make sure to jump to avoid the shockwaves. Behemoth goes on offensive before the second Comet strikes making it very difficult to evade the attack.

Some other unnamed attacks include a shoulder charge and meteor shower. Behemoth slams one of its shoulders on the ground and charges towards the players to deal physical damage. This attack has a very slow animation and can be avoided easily with a simple dodge.

Meteor shower starts with Behemoth running away from Clive and encircling the arena. Its eyes glow bright orange before meteors starts coming down at random locations of the arena.

Meteors create small shockwaves on impact that pose little to no threat to Clive. However, Meteor does a lot of damage on direct contact. Be agile on your feet and move through the arena to avoid taking damage.

These are all the attacks Behemoth uses before he is stunned for the first time. As soon as Behemoth is staggered in FF16, use Limit Break to increase your attack power and heal any damage you have taken. Use all the equipped abilities from your favorite Eikons to deal as much damage as possible.

Phase 2

Behemoth starts the next round with Ecliptic Meteor. This is followed by a cutscene where Behemoth summons a massive meteor to strike both Clive and Joshua.

FF16 Behemoth

The younger brother tries to stop this attack but fails due to his ailing condition. Clive steps in and semi primed himself to start a Cinematic Clash. Joshua joins in later and both manage to avert the crisis successfully.

The actual fight begins and Behemoth casts Maelstrom. This magic attack creates a massive Tornado with lightning strikes that follows Clive through the arena. This is an extremely powerful attack that can deplete all of Clive’s HP if it manages to hit the players multiple times.

It is made even worse as Behemoth goes on a non-stop rampage during the lengthy Maelstrom attack. Heal as soon as you get hit or you will risk losing the battle during this sequence.

Behemoth uses the same melee attacks during the second round. However, each attack increases in number and intensity. Claw strike is now followed by a second one in the opposite direction.

There are two overhead slams now. The tail spin lasts longer than usual. Even Comet strike now summons three comets instead of two with Behemoth trying to pounce Clive with melee attacks, during the intervals of Comet attacks.

Always remember to use Garuda’s Deadly Embrace when Behemoth is half staggered. This ability fully staggers any enemy for a precious couple of seconds. With its stagger bar reaching dangerous levels, Behemoth summons meteors in conjunction with Comet strikes.

This attack is hellish in nature and near impossible to evade. Don’t use Limit Break or any ability at this point. Save them for the second stagger.

Behemoth recovers from the second stagger by using another named attack, Meteor. This attack summons a meteor shower from the sky.

Final Fantasy XVI Behemoth

Each meteor implodes on impact and creates a circle of fire. The area of impact remains on fire for a few more seconds following the explosive impact. Move between the circles of fire to avoid taking any damage.

With its HP down to last 20%, Behemoth starts using all its named attacks without any cooldown interval between them. Behemoth also gets a lot stronger and start taking less damage. Now is the time to use all the powerful abilities and attacks to put this beast to rest once and for all.

With its HP depleted to zero, Behemoth in Final Fantasy 16 decides to do one final desperate attack, Extinction, to take Clive and Joshua down.

This attack summons a massive meteor near Behemoth and is marked by a massive circle on the ground. Move out of the area instantly as it is a one-hit kill attack. Behemoth dies in the aftermath resulting in a dominant victory for Clive and Joshua.

Behemoth Rewards in FF16

Once Behemoth is defeated in Final Fantasy XVI, Clive is rewarded with 4600 exp points, 250 ability points, 4000 gil, Wyrrite, Sharp Fang and Behemoth Shackle (unique crafting material).

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