How To Use Odin Eikon Abilities In Final Fantasy 16

In Final Fantasy 16, Odin belongs to the dark elemental eikons and is tied to his Dominant Barnabas Tharmr.

In Final Fantasy 16, Odin belongs to the dark elemental Eikons and is tied to his Dominant Barnabas Tharmr. Barnabas is the King of Waloed, the kingdom comprising the eastern part of Valisthea.

Odin unlocks during the final segments of the game after defeating his dominant King Barnabas in the battle of Eikons. Upon defeat, Barnabas releases Odin from his control, which grants Clive some valuable skills as a gift.

How to use Odin in FF16

Odin is a dark elemental Eikon in Final Fantasy 16, while Clive can only control fire elemental summons, Ifrit, and Phoenix. However, Clive can still use Odin’s abilities by unlocking them first from Odin’s skill tree.

Odin’s Eikonic abilities

Below is a detailed list containing all Odin’s skills Clive can unlock by spending skill points. Please refer to their description to clearly understand what each ability can do during combat sequences.

Remember that Odin’s skills work towards filling his Zantetsuken gauge, which can be used to unleash deadly slash attacks on enemies in FF16.

  • Arm of Darkness: This skill allows Clive to use Odin’s weapon to attack enemies and fill Zantetsuken’s gauge. Press square to unleash Zantetsuken and slice enemies into half.
  • Gungir: This skill summons Odin’s legendary spear Gungir that can be used to unleash a flurry of attacks upon enemies. Hits from Gungir also refill the Zantetsuken gauge.
  • Heaven’s Cloud: This traversal skill lets Clive dash forward and strike his enemies. Heaven’s Cloud can be performed immediately in Final Fantasy 16 after a successful hit.
  • Dancing Steel: This skill summons an additional blade that allows Clive to land multiple hits instantly upon enemies. These attacks also fill the Zantetsuken gauge.
  • Rift Slip: This defensive ability allows Clive to recover immediately and brace the incoming attacks after using the other four skills.

Tips on using Odin’s abilities in Final Fantasy 16

Odin is a super endgame unlock and should be used as such. Each of his attacks either deals massive physical damage to one player or allows Clive to get out of tricky situations while filling the Zantetsuken gauge.

All four initial skills deliver fast-faced attacks upon a single high-level target. Once the gauge is complete, use Zantetsuken to deliver the death blow upon the strongest foes Final Fantasy 16 has to offer.

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