What Are Dominants In Final Fantasy 16?

Dominants are humans with superhuman abilities in Final Fantasy 16. These abilities allow them to control the power of Eikons.

Dominants are humans with superhuman abilities in Final Fantasy 16. These abilities allow them to control the power of Eikons. Eikons are creatures with some powerful abilities. Since Dominants can transform them into Eikons, they can also use their abilities in combat.

Dominants have the power to use the hybrid form, a mix of Eikon and humans. Since Dominants have unique abilities, nations in Valisthea have mixed views. Some think they are royal and praise them, some use them as weapons to win the war, and others think of them as a threat and try to kill them.

All Dominants in Final Fantasy 16

You will encounter 8 Dominants in FF16; some will be enemies, while others will be your allies. Each Dominant possesses different Eikon abilities, so without any further ado, let’s get started.

Clive Rosefield (Ifrit)

Clive Rosefield is the main character of Final Fantasy 16, and you will play him throughout the game. He is the first son of House Rosefield and the Dominant of Ifrit. At first, he will have no idea of possessing the ability of Ifrit, but gradually he will learn about the truth and learn to control his Eikon.

Ifrit is the fire Eikon and has the power to surpass any other Eikon. Later in the game, you (Clive) will possess more Eikon abilities, and you can easily switch between them in your fights.

Joshua Rosefield (Phoenix)

Joshua Rosefield is the brother of Clive and the second son of House Rosefield. Like his brother Clive, he also is the Donimant of the fire Eikon, but it is Phoenix. Unfortunately, Joshua dies quite early in the game at Phoenix Gate, where he fights Ifrit (his brother’s Dominant). It is what the game shows; he was alive and appeared later in the game.

Jill Warrick (Shiva)

Another Dominant in FF16 is Jill Warrick, who has the power of the Shiva (Ice Eikon). She is the childhood friend of Clive and Joshua, but due to some events, she leaves them and turns into a weapon in wars. She is also the ward of Rosaria.

Cidolfus Telamon (Ramuh)

Cid (Cidolfus Telamon) meets quite early with Clive and becomes his ally. Cid has the power of Ramuh (Warden of Thunder). He was once a soldier and now works to make the world a better place for Dominants in FFXVI.

Beneditka Harman (Garuda)

Beneditka Harman is among the first bosses you will fight in FF16. She possesses the power of Garuda that can control the wind. Beneditka was once a friend of Clive, and now she considers you an enemy.

She leads the intelligence force of Waloed and becomes one of the commanders. Be careful of her wind attacks while fighting her.

Hugo Kupka (Titan)

Hugo Kupka is another Dominant you must fight to progress in Final Fantasy 16. He has the power of Titan (Warden of Earth) and some powerful attacks, so be careful of them. Having the power of an Eikon, he was promoted from a mere soldier to an economic adviser in the Dhalmekian Republic army.

Dion Lesage (Bahamut)

Dion Lesage has the power of Bahamut (a Dragon), which you will fight in FF16. He is a prince of the Holy Empire of Sanbreque. He led a special unit of knights known as Dragons; that’s why he is also called the King of Dragons.

Barnabus Tharmr (Odin)

Barnabus Tharmr is another Dominant boss that you will face in FF16. He has the power of Odin (warden of Darkness). With his sword skill, he won himself the kingdom and became the King of Waloed. He has some powerful attacks, so be careful when you face him.

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