How To Defeat Bahamut In Final Fantasy 16

Bahamut is an Eikon of light and it goes berserk towards the end of the game. During the 34th main...

Bahamut is an Eikon of light and it goes berserk towards the end of the game. During the 34th main mission of Final Fantasy 16, Fire in the Sky, Clive is tasked to stop rampaging Bahamut with the help of his brother, Joshua.

The whole sequence begins with Clive and Jill finally confronting Clive’s mother and learning about her reasons to betray the kingdom of Rosaria. After Joshua is hurt trying to take down Bahamut, Clive enters the battlefield to take his brother’s spot. This is a battle between Eikons as Clive transforms into Ifrit before the true dance of the dragons commences.

How to defeat Bahamut in Final Fantasy 16

The fight between Ifrit and Bahamut in Final Fantasy 16 takes place in two distinct phases, each having their own unique rewards. Here is the complete guide covering both phases in detail.

Ifrit vs Bahamut – Phase 1

Bahamut starts the fight with Megaflare attack which can be avoided during a cinematic strike (pressing square button at the right time). Use Cinematic Evasion to avoid this attack once more and close the distance between Ifrit and Bahamut.

The fight takes place inside the Mothercrystal. Use Fireballs to attack the flying Bahamut who uses slam attack at Clive’s location. Dodge this attack and deal some punishment to the mad dragon.

Bahamut also uses thrust attack by jumping into the air and thrusting its body into Ifrit’s. This attack does a lot of damage to Clive’s HP and the dodge window for this attack is really small.

Bahamut in FF16 also uses Aura Burst which allows it to create an explosion in the surrounding area. Use the dodge button to step back and get out of the blast radius. Bahamut also uses its wings to do swipe attacks in the air. The whole sequence is followed by a cutscene where Joshua finally joins the battle alongside his brother.

Ifrit ends up learning Spitflare as the cutscene concludes which allows him to spit a continuous stream of fire that burns everything in its path. Use this technique to destroy the light orbs created by Bahamut with Quintessence technique.

Keep an eye on the dragon as it will try to strike you during this sequence with its wings and tail. All these attacks can be dodged easily.

Bahamut also shoots laser beams that travel in horizontal directions on the floor. Keep avoiding these attacks and try to stagger Bahamut in the meantime.

Once Bahamut is stunned in Final Fantasy 16, use Brimstone and Spitflare abilities to deal the maximum stagger damage possible.

Bahamut recovers from stagger by using Gigaflare attack. This is followed by another cutscene and players get to control Phoenix for the next phase. Evade the incoming attacks and lock on to Bahamut multiple times to hit it with a lot of Fireballs.

This is an extremely easy section and all players need to do is follow on-screen instructions. Bahamut move set remains the same during this phase. The only dangerous attack is Megaflare which needs evading multiple times.

With Bahamut’s HP reduced to half in Final Fantasy XVI, another cutscene starts. This sequence plays exactly like the previous one. The only difference is that Bahamut is now in front of Phoenix instead of being on its left side. Bahamut also creates small light orbs that shoot lasers at Phoenix. These orbs have health of their own and needs to be taken down immediately.

The fight continues above the clouds between Bahamut and Phoenix. This is a very long and never-ending sequence due to Bahamut’s massive HP and Phoenix inability to deal more damage.

Bahamut summons six light orbs with a countdown timer leading to Gigaflare attack. Make sure to take down the light orbs as fast as you can and ignore other distractions. This stuns Bahamut allowing Phoenix to finally deal some massive damage.

The battle comes down to the ground once more with Bahamut pummelling Phoenix. Ifrit returns to the battle and stops Bahamut from using Gigaflare. Players once again gain control of Clive in his Ifrit form. Avoid Bahamut’s Megaflare attack in FF16 followed by a ground slam. Try to hit Bahamut with melee attacks and Fireballs to deplete its stagger meter.

The fight gets really crazy at this point as Bahamut launches homing missile attacks on Ifrit. This is followed by Bahamut’s preparation for Teraflare attack.

Enter the protective dome created by Phoenix to avoid this deadly attack. Mash square rapidly to survive the onslaught.

Bahamut retaliates by using Triple Coil ability which allows it to launch a massive explosive attack multiple times at Clive’s location. Dodge to the sides to avoid this attack. Once Bahamut is staggered, make sure to deplete its HP completely this time around. Press square repeatedly during cinematic clash and take down Bahamut in FF16 for this phase of the fight.

Bahamut Phase 1 boss rewards in Final Fantasy 16

Rewards for defeating Bahamut include 2000 exp points, 100 ability points, 2500 gil. Sharp Fang and Meteorite (special crafting material).

Ifrit Risen vs Bahamut – Phase 2

The fight with Bahamut is far from over. Ifrit finally gains wings with the help of Phoenix and follows a rejuvenated Bahamut into the skies. After a brief QTE sequence, the real battle begins.

This battle takes place in air and Bahamut uses all of its previous attacks. Dodge the attacks and use Lightspeed ability to instantly get close to Bahamut.

Ifrit Risen can attack Bahamut with its claws normally and use all of its abilities. Use Supernova attack to deal maximum damage possible. Bahamut uses Aura Burst attack where it disappears in a temporary mirror and launches upward to attack Clive. Keep dodging the attacks and use your abilities to stagger Bahamut.

Once Bahamut is staggered in FF16, it is Clive’s best chance to take down its health bar below 50%.

After recovering from stagger, Bahamut uses another named attack called Radiance. It summons a lot of light orbs around its body which shoot lasers at Ifrit. These orbs rotate around Bahamut’s body while targeting Ifrit. Players need to dodge this attack multiple times to survive.

Bahamut uses Gigaflare in this phase without any prior warnings. This is an extremely difficult attack to avoid. Make sure to heal as soon as you get hit. The upside to Gigaflare attack is the long recovery time for Bahamut. Use Ifrit’s techniques to punish Bahamut.

Bahamut uses three Gigaflare attacks in rapid succession once its HP falls below 25%. Don’t be greedy and make sure to avoid these attacks first before launching your own offensive.

Bahamut recovers from the second stagger with Celestial Foundry skill. This skill creates infinite light beams from temporary mirrors, making it impossible for players to avoid them all. Thankfully, this attack doesn’t inflict a lot of damage.

During the last stretch of the fight, Bahamut casts Zettaflare to destroy the whole world. This is followed by a brief QTE section which ends with Clive and Joshua successfully stopping the attack.

Bahamut Phase 2 boss rewards in Final Fantasy 16

Clive is rewarded with 3000 exp points, 300 ability points, 3000 gil, Wyrrite, Magicked Ash and Light Shard (unique crafting material required to create Brightburn sword) for defeating Bahamut the second time in a row. Clive also inherits Bahamut and its abilities as an additional reward

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