Final Fantasy 16 Black Light Burns Walkthrough

In Black Light Burns, you need to find an alternate route using underground tunnels to enter Port Isolde in Final Fantasy 16.

The Black Light Burns quest in Final Fantasy 16 picks up from where the previous quest Bloodlines left off.

The entrance to Port Isolde is restricted thanks to the confrontation between the Black Shield soldiers and the civilians so now you must take an alternate route inside through the secret underground tunnels of Lazarus.

The Black or White quest must also be completed as an objective for completing the Black Light Burns quest in Final Fantasy 16. So follow along as we guide you through the entire quest.

How to complete Black Light Burns in FF16

Clive recalls what his uncle told him about the secret tunnels of Lazarus that provide a secret route inside Porte Isolde. Your first objective will be to locate the entrance to the Lazarus District itself.

Follow the red marker on your screen which takes you straight along the path up ahead. As you are walking down this path you’ll find a set of gates to your right.

Continue straight until you reach the last gate of the series. You can force your way through this gate and get to the other side.

Enter the Lazarus District

You’ll see two paths heading straight in a circular direction. Take the one heading down to trigger a cutscene.

Defeat the bandits

You’ll get pincered from both sides by a gang of bandits, one of them being a spellcaster. Prioritizing him as your primary target will prove helpful in taking them all out swiftly. Your spoils for the battle will be:

  • 60 EXP
  • 24 Ability Points
  • 350 Gil
  • 20x Steelsilk
  • 1x Gil Bug

Speak with Wade

Another FFXVI cutscene will trigger after the battle where you’ll be reunited with Sir Wade who can’t believe that Clive is still alive until he is shown The Blessing of the Phoenix.

After the greetings, you are taken inside to continue the conversation. You learn about the Guardians of the Flame formed by those who had survived the Phoenix Gate. Their duty will be to protect the Bearers at all costs.

You discuss how the queen has felt threatened by the Bearers and has therefore increased her hostilities with them. While you are discussing these things, you hear the news about Black Shield soldier activity by the Bewit Bridge.

You then decide to fix this problem yourself ending the cutscene. As you return, you’ll see Wade standing in the corner. As you approach him and talk, you’ll are informed of his strategy to trap the Black Shields.

Wade plans to target the main encampment and asks for your and Jill’s help. At the same time, the remaining Guardian of the Flame member occupy the remaining soldiers.

Complete the Black or White sub-quest

As soon as this conversation ends, you’ll start the FFXVI Black or White sub-quest. You are to assist Wade in defeating the Black Soldiers and their leader. This quest will consist of two objectives.

Head to the Bewit Bridge

You need to head to the Bewit Bridge and lead the line against the Black Soldiers.

Confront the Black Shields’ main host and Defeat the Black Shields

You’ll then have to fight against the Black Shields leader Knight of the Lasting Dark. Remember he will also be accompanied by several Black Shield soldiers so don’t be too reckless.

Once the Black Shield leader is taken care of, the FF16 Black or White sub-quest is completed, and Wade bids you farewell along with an alliance sign, the Burnt Blade Seal.

Return to the hideaway

A long cutscene triggers as you have a conversation with Uncle Byron once you return to Port Isolde in FFXVI. Clive and his Uncle share a moment as you clear his doubt by reliving a childhood memory of a play.

You also talk about the downward spiral that Anabella has taken with her recent actions. You then receive a ship for your expeditions.

You go to the docks to find Jill having an internal confrontation about her past and how killing a monster will give her a chance at retribution.

Once the cutscene ends you decide to travel to Bennumere but before that, you receive your new objective of going to Hideaway and relay the latest info there.

You can now open your minimap and fast travel to The Hideaway in FFXVI by scrolling over it. This completes the Black Light Burns quest in Final Fantasy 16. You can now continue with the next main quest in the FF16 storyline which is Here Be Monsters.

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