Final Fantasy 12: The Zodiac Age Beginner’s Guide – Party Composition, Gambits, License Board, Managing Inventory

Final Fantasy 12: The Zodiac Age Beginner’s Guide will help you get familiar with different aspects of Final Fantasy 12: The Zodiac Age. We have covered all areas such as managing your inventory, Gambits, Building an effective team, license buying and exploring the world of FF12: The Zodiac Age.

Whether you are just starting the game or are a Final Fantasy, there is something for everyone in this guide. Final Fantasy is a JPRG to its core and some of the elements of the game maybe new for the players, this guide makes sure every important aspect is covered to make the game easy for you.

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Final Fantasy 12: The Zodiac Age Beginner’s Guide

Final Fantasy 12: The Zodiac Age Beginner’s Guide details everything you need to know about the game’s different unique elements. Every element is explained in detail so that you can find plenty of information regarding that element.

Final Fantasy 12: The Zodiac Age Beginner’s Guide

Building Your Team

Team building is a vital part of the game and when you start the game you will be starting with basic characters. The game gives you total freedom regarding how you want to build your team like however it is recommended that each character in your team must have unique characteristics and roles.

A party will contain six members while three simultaneously on the battlefield you must make sure you create a balance of roles such as a healer, a tank, and a damage dealer. Healing is fulfilled most simply (and most completely) by a White Mage, but other jobs can also handle healing duties (Red Battlemage in particular, also Knight or Monk with the right Espers assigned, or a Job like Machinist or Archer as an item-based healer, ideally equipped with Pheasant Netsuke).

Black Mages are magical damage hurricanes, while several jobs are focused on physical attacks (Bushi, Foebreaker, Shikari, and Uhlan). Several Jobs are a smattering of both damage and sustainability: Archer, Machinist, Red Battlemage, and Time Battlemage.

A primary tank can be assigned consistently thanks to the Decoy spell, helping to focus enemy attention and allied healing efforts and to take advantage of your best defense, evasion, and counter equipment. Knight and Monk are natural tanks, but Red Battlemage, Shikari, and other melee Jobs can suffice too.

Make sure you always have a healer in your team. His focus must be solely on healing your teammate’s Enemies are quite tough in the game and they will kill you very quickly if you do not have a healer in your party. Set his class right so he can use spells like Cure and Cura. Avoid giving too many Gambits to the healers that use MP because their MP will be equally used by Gambits and the spells. So that will make him inefficient.


Gambits are Final Fantasy XII’s way of giving you an option to set general orders for your party. Gambits is one of the unique features of FF12 – The Zodiac Edge. You can use Gambits to set orders like heal an ally if your health is less than 40 percent. You can use this system to your advantage by giving multiple orders easily.

Some useful commands are that you can set your characters, who are not leaders, to attack those targets that the leader is targeting. This will make sure that all your party members are attacking and not standing still in the battle.

Similarly set someone to healing duty, so that he can heal the tanks and damage dealers continuously. He will automatically start healing allies when they drop below a specific percentage and once he is done healing he can go back to attacking the enemies.

Another thing with Gambits is that you should play around with them, get creative and set orders so that you can know more about issuing orders and only then will you truly ace the Gambit feature.

Managing Inventory

FFX12’s gear progressing is pretty balances. You will find a lot of items such as weapons, armor, accessories, spells, and techniks in random treasure chests around the map. The best of the items are dropped by rare game enemies. Completing clan hunts also reward unique and rare items.

Make sure you are always using the best weapons according to your level. Every accessory that you are using will have affect such as boosting the License points or experience that you gain in battles. This is a great way to level up easily. Make sure you have items in your inventory that counter different ailments. This will help you if you are in a dungeon and don’t have access to a shop or item dealer nearby.

As you keep on collecting items, you will eventually end up with items and gear that you will never use. This makes your inventory very cluttered and full of junk. Regularly manage your inventory, only keep those items that you need for quests and other useful items. Sell other items and gear that have no use for you. Sell the items for Gil as you will need more Gil to purchase better items.

Pick wisely while choosing Licenses

FF12 has a unique progression system called License Board. It is like a checkered board and each tile has a unique ability or skill for you to unlock. When unlocking a tile, you must be very careful as to what to buy.

You purchase new abilities, spells and stat boost using License Points. Additional Gambit slots can also be purchases here which allow you to create even more advanced and complex orders for your party.

Spend your License points wisely because once you choose a path you can only go in that path. You can unlock adjacent to the one already unlocked. If you want a spell a little away from your path, you will need to start working for the grid over there.

Never spend your License points on useless squares as they are very hard to acquire. Avoid unlocking the tiles which let you equip a specific gear until you have that gear in your inventory.


Grinding is an essential thing to do in every RPG and this game is no different. You will need to grind quite a lot to level up and get GIL fast. Check our Gil Farming Guide here for tips and tricks on how to farm for Gil and experience.


The world of Ivalice is all about exploration. Every corner of the world is filled with tons of lore and story. Talk with various people around town to learn more about the world and politics in it.

At the same time, there’s plenty of secrets to uncover in the game by exploring like optional dungeons and areas, side quests and weapons, and even additional Espers to summon. You must explore the world of Ivalice if you really want the true experience of the game.

This concludes our Final Fantasy 12: The Zodiac Age Beginner’s Guide. If you have anything to add, feel free to use the comments section below!

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