Final Fantasy 12: The Zodiac Age Gil Farming Guide

Final Fantasy 12: The Zodiac Age Gil Farming Guide will teach you how to farm Gil in Zodiac Age easily. Gil is not easy to farm in the game but since it very important to collect Gil to purchase items and gears for your party, you must make sure that you are collecting enough Gil.

Our FF XII Gil Farming guide will tell you a few easy farming tips and tricks that you can use in early games to easily get enough Gil for all your purchases.

Purchasing equipment for all 6 members of your party is very tiresome and expensive so we have made this guide with tips and tricks to easily farm Gil.

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Final Fantasy 12: The Zodiac Age Gil Farming

Gil is the primary currency of FF 12 The Zodiac Age so you must make sure you are never short of Gil in the game. You will need to farm Gil and this guide will help you in farming Gil quickly and easily.

How to Farm Gil Quickly
To farm Gil quickly you will need to visit certain areas that have enemies and they can be killed quickly and easily. You will need to repeat this process for some time to farm enough Gil for your requirements. Areas differ according to where you are located at the moment in the game.

Farming Method #1 – Golmore Gil Farming
If you are looking to farm early in the game, Golmore Jungle is your first stop. Here you can farm against the panthers roaming in the area. With the addition of high-speed mode, you can farm quickly.

Each panther pelt is worth 500 Gil and you can normally find up to 12 panthers roaming in the Golmore Jungle.

Panthers are relatively easy to kill so you can easily kill them all in one go. When you have killed them all, to respawn them head to Ozmone Plains, which is located at a short distance.

Go there and once you come back, all panthers will be back in the Jungle. Repeat this process several times and you will have a decent amount of Gil in no time.

Gil Farming Method #2 – King Bomb Farming
Once you reach level 30 or above, you can fight the boss King Bomb who is found in Nabradia. A craftsmoogle will warn you when you go there that the path is full of Bombs.

Eventually you will run into King Bomb himself. When you go in the battle make sure that, you are going there with Steal because you will be taking as many Bomb Shells as you can carry. These Bomb Shells sell in Rabanastre for 25, 000 Gil which is a lot.

Gil Farming Method #3 – Dustia Farming
After obtaining a decent amount of money from other methods, you can use a very famous Final Fantasy XII farming method, which is known as Dustia Farming.

Dustias are found in the Corridor of Sand in Westersand and they appear only if one of your teammates is bellows 10% of their health. In such cases, Dustia will appear and cast dark.

When a Dustia appears, if you are fast with your reflexes you can kill it instantly by using a Phoenix Down on it. This way you can easily kill a Dustia at the expense of a little Phoenix Down.

You can repeat this process as long as you would like and you will be good to go.

When the Dustia is killed, it will drop the Book of Orgain, which sells for a large amount of Gil. It will also give your experience and money at the same time.

Farming Method #4 – Trial Farm
This is also a very early farm method and you can do it as soon as you are able to save the game.

At any point in the game, simply save your game. Hit the options button after wards and head back to the title screen. Once there, go down to trial mode and load up your save game that you have just saved.

Normally Trial Mode was not unlocked until the very end of the game, but this time we get it early as well which is very useful for farming.

You get to keep all the farm equipment in the normal mode as well. When the trial mode starts, you are tasked with killing some rats but you need to ignore the rats.

Head towards either end of the stage. At one end, you will find a potion and on the other end, you will find a diamond armlet.

Pick up both items and then take care of the rats. Good thing about this is that every time you do this trick, the diamond armlet will respawn and it sells for 6000 Gil each.

After you are done with the rats, you will be taken to the next stage. Same deal as the last stage, ignore the enemies at first and collect the 2 treasures which look like diamond tears.

Both will have loot inside them. Kill the enemies once you have collected both treasures. The third stage can be a little tricky if have low health. Avoid the enemies at the start, collect both diamond tears and then take care of the enemies.

Repeat this process till the end of the trial mode or until you die. This is a very good farming place and the best part is that you get to keep everything after you die.

If you die simply load the auto-save, it will show a message that it will remove the trial progress. Press yes and go back to your normal game. You will have LP and all items saved.

You can repeat this whole process as much as you like to get more items. Sell them for Gil later.

Farming Method #5 – Steal Using Thief’s Cuffs
Steal is a great ability to use. The best way to use this ability and make it most beneficial is to look out for a chest at Mosphora Highwaste near Save Crystal.

Over there you will be able to get Thief’s Cuffs. Equip this to a character which you prefer the most and later you will be able to loot rare items from the enemies.

Also if you settle an efficient gambit with thief cuffs, you will be able to steal most of the things like rare items and armor

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