Final Fantasy 12: The Zodiac Age Jobs Guide

We have designed this Final Fantasy 12: The Zodiac Age Jobs Guide to help you learn everything you need to know about Jobs in Final Fantasy XII: The Zodiac Age and the best Jobs that you can use in the game.

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Final Fantasy 12: The Zodiac Age Jobs

During the course of the game, you’ll unlock 6 permanent party members. Each of the party members can be assigned 2 Jobs with the total number of Jobs being 12.

Finally, all of the jobs are available from the very start of Final Fantasy 12. A Job in FF 12 The Zodiac Age is essentially a character’s role in combat.

It’s important to note that Job assignment in the game is permanent and you can’t undo any changes made.

Finally, each Job in the game has a License Board that you need to use in order to unlock different abilities and skills.

I also recommend checking your desired Job’s License Board in order to learn more about it.

Time Battlemage
Time Battlemage in FFXII is essentially a support that brings Strength and a ton of magick buffs to your party.

Keeping this in mind, we recommend running the Time Battlemage with Bushi or Monk.

When it comes to characters that you should consider for this job, try to go for someone from Vaan, Ashe, or Penelo. Fran is another decent option, thanks to her Steal ability.

Time Battlemage is a unique class that utilizes Bowguns coupled with Heavy Armor. Although the class is a mage, it draws from STR and takes advantage of increased mobility.

If you’re considering this Job, you shouldn’t have any issues when it comes to max STR as long as you’re running Heavy Armor to get increased DEF and STR.

White Mage
As a White Mage, your first and foremost task is to ensure that your party members are healed up. Since a healer is one of the most important characters of your party, focus on this more than anything else and by that, I mean second job. If you don’t want your healer to join in the fray personally, try to go with Archer.

Alternatively, you can also try Shikari in order to earn some MP back.

Coming to the characters on whom you can run this Job; Balthier is the only answer you need!

The character not only brings the required melee damage and Magick Power, thanks to Mystic Armor and Magick Lores. It will also allow you to deal increased amount of damage to Undead Enemies.

In addition to the White Mage, Knight is another Job that you must’ve in your party. Knight in Final Fantasy 12: The Zodiac Age is essentially your tank that needs to stay in the frontline and absorb absurd amounts of damage.

However, it’s not only about soaking up damage and you can use it to deal some decent amount of damage.

Thanks to a few shields, Heavy Armor, and Shield Block; you should easily be able to dish out some decent amount of damage. When it comes to pairings, we suggest trying out Black Mage or Time Battlemage.

Since the basic purpose of Knight is to soak as much amount of damage as possible, you need to look at characters such as Ashe or Vaan.

Even if tanking isn’t your main objective and you’re looking at off-healing, you can still go with Ashe. Your third option is Fran who takes advantage of Cure and Steal.

Similar to Knight, you can build Shikari in a couple of different ways. You can go for either a straightforward damage dealer or even a tank. When it comes to choosing a character, you need to try Vaan or Balthier.

When choosing characters, it’s important to realize that the Job can’t use Heavy Armor, Battle Lores, and doesn’t have a high amount of damage by itself. You also need to have high SPD.

Keeping all these things in mind, another option that you can explore is Basch. All of these characters take advantage of SPD and STR in order to deal tons of damage, which is what Shikari is all about!

This job consists of characters using combo-heavy melee weapons. It is a lot like the Dragoon FF character job from the other games.

Uhlan allows you access to heavy armor and spears so it is the best physical support class in FF12.  The Uhlan engages in slightly ranged combat through the use of spears.

This job works perfectly for Fran but can also be suited to Vaan, Balthier and Basch due to their proficiency with combo-heavy weapons.

The Machinist makes use of guns, Light Armor and ranged hand-bomb weapons. The job lives up to its name by being machine focused but also allows access to some Time Magic and Green Magic.

They’re a great support class due to guns allowing ranged combat and the class having access to Technicks. Although this role is fit for everyone, we recommend going with ether Fran or Vaan.

Red Battlemage
This mage has access to a wide variety of Arcane Magick. This includes Black, White, and Time Magick, along with some Technicks.

They can also engage in melee combat with Maces and Greatswords. This job is perfect for either Penelo or Ashe.

This class focuses on using good ol’ fashioned martial arts. You can go hand to hand or equip polearm weapons to complement the light armor.

They can make use of white magicks and different Technicks. Plus you can heal. This job is the perfect fit for Vaan or Basch, since they both are great with magic and physical power.

This is a heavy-hitting class that makes use of heavy weapons such as axes and hammers to dish out massive damage to foes.

They use heavy armor and shields for protection, and have access to many different break skills and technicks. As the name suggests, this class can eat up damage and deal it ten times fold. It is perfect for either Balthier or Basch.

The archer has access to bows, of course, but also is a very versatile job in that its license board is home to the largest number of technicks, plus some white magick.

They use light armor, and they also have some great augments as well, focusing down on item use. Focused on ranged physical damage and with access to some enemy stat lowering ‘break’ moves, Basch or Fran are our recommendations for this role.

Black Mage
This job is a classic part of the Final Fantasy series. As the name implies, the Black Mage can make use of black magic, along with green magic to deal Magicka damage.

They can also engage in physical combat through the use of hand-bombs and can equip staves and use mystical armor for protection. Ashe is perfect for this job, but Penelo serves as an adequate alternative.

This job is a samurai class that is about both magic and physical attacks. The primary weapon is the Katana and you get access to mystic armor.

The katana can be used to calculate damage output and the class is a perfect mix of both magic and physical damage. That makes this the perfect job for Vaan

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