FIFA 23 Best Cheap Players In Career Mode

FIFA 23 is all about managing your team and finding the player who will score victories for your team. While...

FIFA 23 is all about managing your team and finding the player who will score victories for your team. While you do want to get the players with the best stats, it might get too expensive in Career Mode.

Cheap players usually have a short contract length, and if players are patient enough, they can get them completely free once the contract expires. In this guide, we’ll take a look at the best cheap players in FIFA 23 to add to your team in Career Mode without breaking the bank.

Most of the players listed below cost under $10 million while a small percentage cost below $1 million.

Best Cheap Strikers in FIFA 23

Marko Lazetić (Overall 65, Potential 85)

Marko is a young talent with a height of 6’4, coming from Serbia and signed by AC Milan. The star is valued at 2 million euros, and the wage is around 6,000.

Marko will threaten his opponents in the set pieces due to his height advantage and muscular build. His best qualities are mentioned below:

  • Agility: 73
  • Balance: 71
  • Acceleration: 69
  • Finishing: 69

Dane Scarlett (Overall 65, Potential 85)

Dane is pure talent and shows excellent potential for someone at 18. He offers intelligent playmaking and tests the defending of the opponents.

Dane is valued at 2 million Euros and has a set wage of 8,000. The valuation makes him an asset to have in your squad.

He could develop into one of the best strikers if provided with proper guidance. His aerial finishing and ball skills put him in the must-have category if you run low on budget, and his qualities are worth noticing.

  • Acceleration: 83
  • Sprint Speed: 77
  • Jumping: 76
  • Balance: 69

Rodrigo Ribeiro (Overall 66, Potential 84)

We have a young emerging Portuguese talent on our list valued at 2.1 million Euros with a wage of just 850 Euros. Rodrigo is 6’1 and is just 17 years old.

Rodrigo can play different roles in the front line for his team and act as a striker, supporting or providing assistance on the flank.

He can be the next big thing coming out of Portuguese after Ronaldo due to his exceptional work on the field. His stats indicate his potential in the future.

  • Sprint Speed: 73
  • Acceleration: 71
  • Strength: 69
  • Penalties: 70

Moreover, many other strikers are low on value but very high on their skills. Here are another couple of options.

  • Yousooufa Moukoko (Overall 69, Potential 88, Value 3.5 million Euros)
  • Matthis Edline (Overall 68, Potential 84, Value 3.1 million Euros).

Best Cheap Midfielders in FIFA 23

Carney Chukwuemeka (Overall 64, Potential 86)

Carney is a part of the Chelsea team and has the potential to play as an attacking and defending midfielder. He possessed excellent aerial skills due to his 6’1 height.

The valuation of Carney is at 1.9 million Euros, and the wage is 7k Euros. Moreover, he might be making his debut for the senior side of Chelsea and will improve his skills during the process.

As his stats suggest, he is a great asset to include in your midfield.

  • Balance: 75
  • Ball Control: 72
  • Dribbling: 72
  • Short Passing: 71

Martin Baturina (Overall 70, Potential 86)

The Croatian national, Martin, plays for Dinamo Zagreb and has the potential to be the best in the midfield.

Martin will cost you 4.1 million Euros but his wage is non-existent as it’s just 500 euros. His effective techniques will give your team excellent passing power, coordination, and build-up play.

Martin will add excellent quality to your team; his stats are worth noticing.

  • Dribbling: 80
  • Ball Control: 79
  • Composure: 77
  • Acceleration: 77

The following are more players you can pick if you’re looking for the best cheap midfielders in FIFA 23.

  • Elliot Anderson (Overall 68, Potential 86, Value 3.1 Million Euros)
  • Charlie Patino (Overall 64, Potential 85, Value 1.9 Million Euros)
  • Sidney Raebiger (Overall 62, Potential 84, Value 1.2 Million Euros)

Best Cheap Defenders in FIFA 23

António Silva (Overall 69, Potential 87)

António is an intense center-back, having magnificent passing and defensive techniques. The lad comes from Portugal and currently plays for SL Benfica. He has tremendous aerial skills due to his 6’1 height and plays a significant role for his team in the backlines.

His current valuation is 3.3 million Euros, and he has a weekly wage of 2,000 euros. But his qualities outweigh every single cost incurred to acquire this extraordinary talent.

  • Strength: 82
  • Spring Speed: 79
  • Reactions: 78
  • Stamina: 78

Giorgio Scalvino (Overall 79, Potential 86)

Giorgio is 18 years old and has a height of 6’4. The Italian is currently playing for Atalanta, and his defensive power indicates that the guy is destined to be among the most significant Italian defenders.

Giorgio is valued at 3.8 million Euros and has a wage of 6,000 per week. His game awareness is great for a guy his age and provides great defensive understanding to his team.

  • Standing Tackle: 73
  • Defensive Awareness: 72
  • Reactions: 72
  • Interceptions: 71

Other options in this list are as follows.

  • Levi Colwill (Overall 70, Potential 84, Value 3.5 Million Euros)
  • Alessandro Fontanarosa (Overall 67, Potential 84, Value 2.5 Million Euros)
  • Noah Mbamba (Overall 64, Potential 84, Value 1.5 Million Euros)

Best Cheap Goalkeepers in FIFA 23

Giorgi Mamardashvili (Overall 77, Potential 83)

Giorgi is another young kid who could do wonders in the goalkeeping category. He is currently associated with Valencia but bringing him into your team might change your performance.

He will not cost you much compared to the skill sets he will bring to your team, and his stats speak for themselves.

  • Positioning: 80
  • Diving: 79
  • Reflexes: 79
  • Handling: 78

Maarten Vendevoordt (Overall 70, Portantial 84)

Maarten currently plays for Genk, and you have to pay 3.3 million Euros to obtain the high potential player for your team.

He can fulfill this position for your team without putting much burden on your pockets and will be worth every penny spent.

His abilities will develop with time, making him an excellent asset to your team.

  • Diving: 73
  • Reflexes: 73
  • Handling: 70
  • Kicking: 65

The following players are also cheap to pick but with impressive stats for a goalkeeper in FIFA 23.

  • Alejandro Iturbe (Overall 65, Potential 82, Value at 1.6 Million Euros)
  • Peder Hoel Lervik (Overall 57, Potential 82, Value at 475K Euros)
  • Luiz Junior (Overall 70, Potential 81, Value at 3 Million Euros)

Best Cheap Players in FIFA 23 Premier League

It is essential to learn about different talents playing around the world in various leagues and showcasing their future potential. It would be best if you kept an eye on all the leagues to find the best talent for your team.

Lucas Paquetá (Overall 82, Potential 87)

Lucas, currently associated with West Ham United, comes from an excellent Football nation, Brazil; he has the skills to be the best player in the center department of your team.

His dribbling abilities of Lucas make him excellent at creating opportunities for his team. He’s currently priced at $1.6 K in the game and has a real chance to cash on.

His other stats indicate his capability of being the best.

  • Dribbling: 85
  • Passing: 79
  • Shooting: 78
  • Physicality: 78

Ben Godfrey (Overall 77, Potential 85)

Ben is playing for Everton, and his build perfectly suits his defensive role in the team. He will not cost you much but might be the right fit for your team’s defense.

Ben is currently priced at $1K, and the money is nothing compared to the talent you will acquire by buying Ben for your team. His other stats are shown below.

  • Pace: 82
  • Physicality: 80
  • Defending: 76
  • Dribbling: 65

More for your consideration.

  • Darwin Núñez (Overall 82, Potential 87, Value at F $ 1.6 K)
  • Fred De Paula (Overall 80, Potential 80, Value at F $ 900)
  • Aaron Ramsdale (Overall 82, Potential 86, Value at F $ 650)

Best Cheap Players in FIFA 23 LaLiga League

Eduardo Camavinga (Overall 79, Potential 89)

Eduardo can fit perfectly in your team’s central mid or central defensive middle position. He can be at the right place at the right time and can often be seen moving through the pitch.

His price is F $ 1k, and he’s part of Real Madrid. So if you are looking for good talent from the Spanish league, you must consider Eduardo; his stats are interesting.

  • Dribbling: 81
  • Passing: 78
  • Physicality: 78
  • Defending: 76

Alejandro Gómez (Overall 84, Potential 84)

Alejandro is part of the Sevilla team in La Liga and plays the Center attacking midfield or left-wing position. He is equally capable of playing in both positions, creating plays for the team.

Some fans even call him the Argentinian Messi due to his skills, and he is currently priced at $3.2k.

Looking at Alejandro’s stats is crucial to understand his impact on the game.

  • Pace: 86
  • Dribbling: 85
  • Passing: 83
  • Shooting: 78

The following are also good options in La Liga

  • Sergi Darder (Overall 82, Potential 82, Value at F $ 700)
  • Luiz Felipe (Overall 78, Potential 84)
  • Mario Hermoso (Overall 80, Potential 82)

Best Cheap Players in FIFA 23 Serie A-League

Lorenzo Pellegrini (Overall 84, Potential 87)

The Center-attacking midfielder from Roma is balanced between the defense and offense role. His body type is perfect for the midfield role, and he can create many openings for his team in the attacking field.

It is vital to choose the correct players when you are low on budget, and his price might fall right into your budget as his price is $2.1K.

Moreover, looking at his stats clarifies his proper position in the team.

  • Dribbling: 84
  • Passing: 83
  • Pace: 79
  • Shooting: 77

Kim Min Jae (Overall 79, Potential 84)

Kim is a great player to have at a low price in the Center-back position. He is currently associated with Napoli and plays left Center back for the team.

Kim strongly favors his position as he defends and creates options for his team in the field. His stats show his capability for this position.

  • Physical: 84
  • Pace: 80
  • Defensive: 79
  • Dribble: 62

You can also pick the following three players in the league if you’re low on cash.

  • Pierre Kalulu (Overall 78, Potential 85)
  • Denzel Dumfries (Overall 82, Potential 84)
  • Ismaël Bennacer (Overall 82, Potential 86)

Best Cheap Players in FIFA 23 Bundesliga League

Konrad Laimer (Overall 83, Potential 84)

The balance in the build of Laimer is perfect; that is why some call him mini-Gullit. He can bring a spark in your team’s midfield and provide many goal opportunities.

Laimer’s price is $1.4K, which means you are getting one of the best players for a meagre price. You can build your team around this player and can go up to win big matches against big names.

Laimer’s stats are shown below to show his area of strength.

  • Pace: 84
  • Defending: 81
  • Dribbling: 79
  • Passing: 78

Ridle Baku (Overall 80, Potential 84)

Baku is a player who can play in different positions for your team and adjust himself according to the team’s needs.

Moreover, he’s got some excellent dribbling and stamina to make plays for a more extended period of the game. Baku can fit into any position due to his flexibility in the game.

The current price for the player is $650, and it’s a deal that you do not want to miss. Baku’s stats show his capability in the game.

  • Pace: 82
  • Dribbling: 81
  • Physicality: 78
  • Passing: 73

If that’s not enough, you can pick the players below as well.

  • Maxence Lacroix (Overall 77, Potential 86)
  • David Raum (Overall 81, Potential 85)
  • Noussair Mazraoui (Overall 82, Potential 86)

Best Cheap Players in FIFA 23 Ligue 1 League

Anthony Lopes (Overall 82, Potential 82)

Anthony could be the right choice of Goalkeeper if you are looking from Ligue 1 and with a tight budget.

Anthony’s skill and good height make him fit perfectly in this role. He is currently playing Olympique Lyonnais, and your decision can land him in your club for a new and better journey.

His stats are mentioned below for further clarification.

  • Reflexes: 86
  • Diving: 84
  • Positioning: 80
  • Handling: 78

Jonathan Clauss (Overall 80, Potential 80)

Clauss plays the right wing-back position and is good in his gameplay. He can create chances for your team and assist your strikers.

If you are on a budget, consider him for the RWB position, as he has shown great potential. The stats are built around his position and complement his role in the game.

  • Pace: 87
  • Dribbling: 81
  • Passing: 79
  • Physicality: 74

The following players will also give you more bang for your buck in the Ligue 1 league.

  • Ibrahima Sissoko (Overall 77, Potential 79)
  • Carlos Soler (Overall 83, Potential 88)
  • Martin Terrier (Overall 81, Potential 84)

Best Cheap Players in FIFA 23 Ultimate Team / FUT

Mikel Oyarzabal Ugarte (Overall 83, Potential 85)

Mikel Oyarzabal Ugarte plays in both the Left Midfielder position as well as the Right Midfielder. Coupled with his Overall and Potential score, this makes him a very versatile and valuable player.

If you’re low on cash and want the best Midfielder for your team there isn’t a better option. Ugarte costs just 2.3k and has the following stats

  • Ball Control: 85
  • Dribbling: 84
  • Balance: 80
  • Acceleration: 79

Edin Džeko (Overall 83, Potential 83)

One of the best cheap strikers in FIFA 23, Edin Džeko features a respectable Potential and Overall while also maintaining good stats. Given his high Shot Power and Finishing stats, he manages the ball extremely well.

Edin Džeko costs 2.3k and has the following stats

  • Ball Control: 84
  • Heading: 87
  • Shot Power: 86
  • Finishing: 87
  • Volleys: 83

The following players are also worth looking at in the FUT mode

  • Joël Matip (Overall 82, Potential 82)
  • Jack Grealish (Overall 84, Potential 84)
  • Mateo Kovacic (Overall 82, Potential 82)
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