FIFA 22 Best Young Midfielders (LM, RM, CM, CAM, CDM) in Career Mode

A Midfielder has to lead the offensive play and offer support to your defenders. Some players are better than others, so we’ve decided to create a list of FIFA 22 Best Young Midfielders.

FIFA 22 Best Young Midfielders

FIFA 22’s Career Mode will present you with ample opportunities to further player growth. You can choose their positions, and the midfield is the most important one in the game.

The important thing in making the decision to buy a player for your team is not to look at the current rating of the player, but for the overall potential rating through training. You’ll find players like this are cheaper to come by and show great results.

We picked players who are age 22 or under with great potential and overall ratings.

  • PO – Position
  • OVR – Overall Rating
  • POT – Potential
  • VA – Market Value

FIFA 22 Highest Ranked Best Young Midfielders

Name Age Club PO OVR POT VA
Pedri 18 Barcelona CM 81 91 £46.4m
Ryan Gravenberch 19 Ajax CM, CDM 78 90 £28.4m
Jude Bellingham 18 Borussia Dortmund CM, LM 79 89 £31.8m
Eduardo Camavinga 18 Real Madrid CM, CDM 78 89 £25.4m
Florian Wirtz 18 Bayer Leverkusen CAM, CM 78 89 £25.4m
M Greenwood 19 Man Utd RM, ST 78 89 £26.2m
B Saka 19 Arsenal RM, LM, LB 80 88 £39.1m
J Musiala 18 Bayern Munich LM, CAM 76 88 £15.1m
Gabriel Martinelli 20 Arsenal LM, LW 76 88 £15.
N Madueke 19 PSV RM, ST 77 88 £19.8m
T Kubo 20 Real Madrid RM, CM, CAM 75 88 £11.6m
G Reyna 18 Borussia Dortmund CAM, LM, RM 77 87 £18.9m
D Szoboszlai 20 RB Leipzig CAM, LM 77 87 £19.8
C Tzolis 19 Norwich LM, RM, ST 74 87 £8.6m
M Damsgaard 20 Sampdoria LM, LW 77 87 £19.8m
Bryan Gil 20 Tottenham LM, RM, CAM 76 86 £14.2m
Nicollo Rovella 19 Juventus CM, CDM 70 87 £3.5m
Bryan Gil 20 Tottenham LM, RM, CAM 76 86 £14.2m
E Smith Rowe 20 Arsenal CAM 76 86 £14.2m
M Kudus 20 Ajax CAM, CM 77 86 £19.8m

FIFA 22 Best Young LMs

This list includes the best players who prefer to play as left midfielders.

Name Age Club OVR POT VA
Bukayo Saka 19 Arsenal 80 88 £45.5m
Kayky da Silva Chagas 18 Manchester City 66 87 £2.7m
Stipe Biuk 18 Real Madrid 68 85 £3.1m
Marcos Paulo 20 Famalicão 72 84 £5.5m

While not as good as Bukayo Saka, the best young left midfielders in the league, Silva Chagas, Stipe Biuk, and Marcos Paulo, are quite impressive and good value for money.

FIFA 22 Best Young RMs

The best young Right Midfielders are listed below.

Name Age Club OVR POT VA
Vinicius Junior 20 Real Madrid 80 90 £46.5m
Gabriel Martinelli 20 Arsenal 76 88 £18m
Christos Tzolis 19 Norwich City 74 87 £10m
Pedro De la Vega 20 Club Atlético Lanús 74 86 £10m

When it comes to the best young right midfielders, you have a lot of options. Vinicius Junior, Gabriel Martinelli, Christos Tzolis, and Pedro De la Vega were selected after careful consideration.

They are all quite young and have yet to realize their full potential. Take them along, and they’ll stick around for a long time and excel at their game.

FIFA 22 Best Young CMs

The best young Centre Midfielders are listed below

Name Age Club OVR POT VA
Jude Bellingham 18 Borussia Dortmund 79 89 £37m
Eduardo Camavinga 18 Real Madrid 78 89 £29.5m
Nicolò Rovella 19 Genoa 70 87 £4.09m
Billy Gilmour 20 Norwich City 72 86 £5.5m

The fact that Jude Bellingham and Eduardo Camavinga are the best Centre Midfielders with high stats but with one disadvantage: they are quite expensive.

Nicol Rovella and Billy Gilmour, on the other hand, are second to them but still meet the requirements and are inexpensive. You can decide between these based on your budget.

FIFA 22 Best Young CAMs

The best young Centre Attacking Midfielders are listed below

Name Age Club OVR POT VA
Pedri 18 Barcelona 81 91 £54m
Ryan Gravenberch 19 Ajax 78 90 £33m
Florian Wirtz 18 Borussia Dortmund 78 89 £29.5m
Mason Greenwood 19 Manchester United 78 89 £30.5m

Even before reaching his peak performance, Pedri is a highly regarded talent. In contrast to the real world, where he may burn out after playing so many games, starting him in every game in FIFA 22 will help him reach his potential rating of 91 faster.

Aside from Pedri, Ryan Gravenberch, Florian Wirtz, and Mason Greenwood are all outstanding and second to none. Having all of them in your squad, however, requires deep pockets because they are all quite expensive.

FIFA 22 Best Young CDMs

The best young Centre Defensive Midfielders are listed below

Name Age Club OVR POT VA
Oliver Skipp 20 Tottenham Hotspur 75 85 £11.5m
Enzo Fernández 20 River Plate 73 84 £6.5m
David Ayala 18 Estudiantes de La Plata 68 84 £2.9m
Alhassan Yusuf 20 Royal Antwerp FC 70 83 £3.6m

The top defense-minded young midfielders available in FIFA 22 are Oliver Skipp, Enzo Fernández, David Ayala, and Alhassan Yusuf, who are chosen based on their stats and on-field performance. Furthermore, they are all reasonably priced.

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