Fastest Way to Level Up Battle Pass in Modern Warfare

The newly introduced Battle Pass in Call of Duty Modern Warfare can be quite grindy so we have tips on the fastest way to level it up

The latest Call of Duty Battle pass has brought the most exciting content in the game. It has started along with the start of season 1. Leveling up the tiers in the battle pass is important as the new tiers bring new content like RAM-7. However, leveling is not easy which is why we have essential tips to help you with the Fastest Way to Level Up Battle Pass in Modern Warfare.

Fastest Way to Level Up Battle Pass in Modern Warfare

Battle pass leveling up is not a simple thing to understand as a lot of aspects of the game come into play when its about Battle pass progression rate.

Battle pass progression rate is dependent on different features in the game including time played, XP gained and different interactions that includes completing different challenges. All of these together contribute to your battle pass progression

Even though the progression rate does depend on time played but one shouldn’t expect to go AFK to achieve the target. Its unethical and also will not contribute as much as you would be expecting. The best way to level up your rank in Modern Warfare is to effectively use the time spent on the game!

To rack up a lot of XPs and helping them contribute in leveling up, playing Core Game modes is highly suggestive. One can play these and gain a good amount of XPs. Doing the daily and officers challenges will also rank up the battle pass

Trial are known to be most effective in leveling up as they are one-tenth of the tier. But trial must be done with the aim of getting three stars per trial.

On the other hand playing the core game modes is equally important too as many players have reported that they come with a progression bonus for completing the matches and they don’t require a lot of time too.

Focusing on single challenges within the game is also going to be a contributive factor as you can secure some good progression from there. Shootout 24/7 is where you can get a lot of kills and pack a hefty amount of XPs per match.

The double XP only doubles the XPs and have almost no contribution in battle pass progression. So one doesn’t have to buy the battle pass solely for the purpose of double XP! The battle pass progression system is fair when it comes to this!

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