How to Make Iron Bars in Farthest Frontier

Just like all the other resources in Farthest Frontier, having a stock of Iron bars is essential for you to progress. After you upgrade your town hall to level three, you will be working your way through the iron age. and that is where iron bars come in. This guide will cover how you will get iron and smelt them into iron bars in Farthest Frontier.

How to Get Iron

To mine Iron Ore in Farthest Frontier, you can find the Iron Ore Deposits close to a mountain that is marked with a chunk of silver material on the map.

After locating the Iron Ore Deposit, you will construct an Iron Mine close to the deposit on a Flat Terrain once you have upgraded your Town Center to Tier 2 and built a wagon shop.

How to Make Iron Bar

Once you have started mining Iron Ore, you will then focus on upgrading your town center to Tier 3 to build a Foundry. To upgrade your town center, you will need

After you have upgraded your town center, you will then focus on building a Trading Post. To build a foundry, you will need one Heavy Tool that will eventually appear in the Trader’s Offerings. You will eventually need the Heavy Tools to build windmills, Forges, and more.

As soon as you get one Heavy Tool, you will then build the foundry from the building section and will need to have a steady supply of Iron Ore and Coal to Smelt it into Iron Bars.

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