How to Use the Trading Post in Farthest Frontier

The trading post in Farthest Frontier is a complex institute so allow us to break down its features and explain how it works.

Running a village requires you to trade resources to not only earn money but also get resources that you don’t have yourself. So, it’s natural that you need to learn and regularly use the trading post in the game. However, using the trading post in Farthest Frontier is not so simple. Here, we will try our level best to explain how you can use the Trading Post in Farthest Frontier.

How to Use Trading Post in Farthest Frontier

Trading Post is one of the most important structures in your village, as it allows you to connect with the global economy and improve the conditions of your village. You can get a lot of heavy machinery that you need for flour mills or saw mills so you can establish a business in your town and get paid for it.


All the items your people manufacture are stored in the storages in the town or with the manufacturers. You can transfer them to your Trading Post, but any item in your Trading Post won’t be used up by your townsfolk, even if they need it. So, make sure you only transfer what you want to sell or trade in your trading post.

Annual Merchants

Every year, your Trading Post is visited by Merchants who will be selling items or buying from you. Some merchants only want to buy specific items and if you don’t have them, you won’t be able to sell anything or trade with them. You can only buy from these merchants.

Some merchants will be willing to buy almost everything, and you can sell anything they are interested in. However, don’t go overboard. All merchants have a limited amount of gold that they can give you by buying your items.

Buying and Selling

Whenever you want to buy something, you can select the items in your Trading Post UI and select the quantity you want to buy. Now, if you have something that the merchant is interested in, you can trade the items.

When you are buying something with gold, you need to slide the slider from right to left, and when you are trading or selling, you need to move the slider from left to right. The number below the item will show how much of that item you will have after the transaction.

If the merchant doesn’t have anything that you want to trade with, you can simply sell your items for gold, but don’t go overboard as all merchants have a limited amount of gold that they can give you. So make sure what you want to sell away.

Transferring Items

Though you should transfer all the items you want to trade to your trading post, you can always have the items transferred to the trading post when the merchant is here. The merchant does stay for a few days, so you can order your villagers to send you the goods that you need.

Similarly, anything you buy can be either immediately sent to the town storage or kept in Trading Post for future use in trading. Since the trading post is usually a prime target for raiders, you need to make sure that you either keep it protected or your items in the town storage.

Saving Up

All merchants have their own rates for buying and selling goods. Unless you are in dire need of money or an item, you can wait for another merchant to sell or buy the same item for a better price. The prices will fluctuate, and you need to make sure whether any decision you make is good or you getting robbed.

If you see the prices for an item going up, you should withhold it if you are planning on selling it, or buy as much of it as you can so you don’t end up buying the same item for higher prices.

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