Farthest Frontier Combat Guide

Farthest Frontier is a survival game that lets players protect and guide a land with several untamed wilderness roaming around. The game is set in the medieval age and is about surviving and keeping your town unified against any catastrophe that approaches. This detailed Farthest Frontier guide will go through the game’s combat system, types of enemies, and defense strategies. So without further ado, let’s begin.

As mentioned before, Farthest Frontier is set in the medieval age and revolves around a prosperous town for which you are now responsible. The town seems to be thriving with no worries, but it was not always like that. It holds a history of many endless sacrifices, brutal expeditions, and hardships.

It has gotten famous over the years and has become quite the talk in the region. With many wealthy merchants arriving for trade and immigrants finding shelter, few people might not have the best intentions. To protect the prosperity and sovereignty of your town, you need to look out for bloodthirsty bandits and thieves.

Players must stand their guard to defend their land and people and strategize against any brutal encounter approaching them. Below we’ve explained everything you need to know for your town to exist in peace.

How the Combat System Works in Farthest Frontier

If you’re not a fan of combat and dealing with all the drama that comes with various types of enemies, Farthest Frontier has a safe option for you! Combat is an optional mechanic in the game, and you can toggle it off to play with peace.

However, if you are a fan of action and combat, here’s what you need to know about the combat system of Farthest Frontier. Like any real-time strategy game, players will always face a constant threat. You will be asked to establish the town and ensure it remains untouched by the enemy’s wrath.


There are various enemies in the game, and with many showing up regularly, there’s still uncertainty about what their moves will be. To prevent your town from getting wiped out by them, you will have to take some important steps.

Commanding Villagers

If you have ever played any RTS games before, you will soon realize that Farthest Frontier’s combat system is very similar to the traditional games. You can use your villagers to defend themselves and the village.

Despite having different establishments, walls, and other sources to protect your land, villagers are always a good measure for close encounters and combat. Even though villagers are pretty good at defending themselves against their enemies, there may be times when you need to intervene and coordinate the defense efforts.

You can hold a villager and release it in the direction you want it to move in or attack a target. They will stick to the appointed direction for a while until they kill the enemy or will wait for more to come.

They will be waiting for your order, so you might want to keep coming back to the villagers you have positioned to get better use of them while you’re on the battlefield.

You can also use this method on guards and soldiers. And unlike villagers, they’ll work around nearby enemies without waiting for commands, which makes them incredibly useful.

Build Barracks

While villagers are always great to have on the go when there’s a threat around, Barracks are a more reliable option. Barracks ensure a garrison of troops is ready at all times to face raider invasions.

Once a Barracks is constructed, you can now go ahead and recruit villagers to sign up to be soldiers. Although this will cost you gold and you will also have to ensure that you’re training these men, it becomes very helpful in the long term.

When the trained soldiers in the Barracks are ordered to face the enemies, they will throw arrows and fight them in close combats. They are trained to fight the bad guys, so we highly recommend you build Barracks.

Using Rally Points Strategically

Once soldiers are in the Barracks, you will need to start assigning them to Rally Points. If you are confused about Rally Points, here’s an explanation.

Every Barrack has its own set of soldiers, and within that building, there’s also a ‘Flag Combat Area’ button in the UI. Players can deploy their forces to defend a specific area by pressing that button.

It is an incredible tool you will use to protect various sites in your town. In addition, you can send different sets of soldiers to different areas at once and make sure everything is under control.

Once they clear the coast, they will remain there until the Rally Point is relocated or they are commanded to return to their quarters. You also must make sure you’re feeding them and meeting their needs while they are out there.

These men are incredibly loyal and will stay at the place they are assigned to go, even if that means being starved and ultimately dying. So make sure you’re very considerate of your forces and their needs. Don’t let them be hanging on an area with no purpose.


No matter how strong your soldiers, guards, and villagers are, they need to have good equipment at their hands. When you provide your people with strong weapons, it becomes clear that they will for sure destroy the enemies.

If your troops are only carrying hide jackets and arrows as their main defense, you best believe they will be killed while facing enemies armed with heavy maces. Your men will be only as good as the weapons they will be holding, so make sure you invest enough in them. You can also give them heavy tools and resources to hunt and kill any wild animal approaching your establishments.

Type of Enemies

Now that you know all about combat and how you can protect your land, here’s a list of enemies you will be fighting against in Farthest Frontier.


Long before this was your land, it belonged to Wolves, Bears, and Boars. While things have changed, this place was originally the domain of the wild, and you must respect that.

You’ll frequently spot wolves roaming around the area as they need to get out of their dens to search for food and feed their babies. Unfortunately, those who get near them will be attacked, and if somebody survives, they will contract rabies and eventually pose a threat to other villagers.

However, that doesn’t mean that wolves can roam around in the town and attack people. They should be fenced off, and hunters should get them out of the village using bows and arrows. Always equip them with hide coats for good measures so they avoid getting bit or contracting rabies.

Along with Wolves, players will also often come across Bears and Bores. While Bears and Bores won’t essentially harm the villagers, and they’ll only get close to their homes to search for food, they can get violent if provoked. So for these two animals as well, Hunters should be chosen to scare them away or attack them.


Apart from the animals, your town and people will also be attacked by thieves and barbarians. They will try getting into your premises to steal from your land and people.

When these raiders first attack, villagers will flee away to save themselves; however, those who fail to do may, unfortunately, be killed brutally. In the first stages of your town flourishing, raiders will not be a serious threat, and you can easily manage to make them run away. However, as your population grows and your land spreads, raiders will start returning with greater force and people.

Most of the time, they even will have more weapons than you and will be overall stronger. Therefore, to save yourself from such a scenario, you must start recruiting soldiers and establishing Barracks. The sooner you do, the safer you get. Moreover, if your men have weapons and armors to protect themselves, they can easily overcome the raiders.

While most of the raiders are violent, some of them approach the village and make an offer. They will either ask you to ‘give up your gold and live’ or ‘pay with blood.’ The choice is yours. If you have a well-trained army, there’s no giving up on your hard-earned assets, and all about kicking asses!

How to Build Defenses

Building large walls and foundations in your town help you keep many raiders and wild animals out in Farthest Frontier. These are essential, especially early on in the game, as they single handily can take care of various threats without directly involving villagers and soldiers.

Every building in Farthest Frontier has some of the basic requirements. For example, you need;

Here’s a list of Defense Buildings players can build for good measures in Farthest Frontier.

Town Center

Town Center may seem like the center and heart of the town, but it has a significant function. It is the first line of defense against enemies and is very important to have.

It has a bell on it, and you can use it whenever there’s an attack to alarm the villagers to seek shelter. And those within the capacity of the building can hold their positions to start attacking the enemies from afar so they don’t reach too close to the premises.

Town Center is ideal for taking down wild animals and raids that are done on a smaller scale. However, you may need another plan when a larger number of enemies arrive nearby. Here are the requirements to build a Town Center.

Town Center  (Tier 1)

  • Cost: 50 Labor, 18 Wood
  • Prerequisites: None
  • Produces: Desirability +
  • Upgrades: Town Center (Tier 2)

Town Center  (Tier 2)

  • Cost: 40 Wood Wood Planks, 25 Stone
  • Prerequisites: Town Center (Tier 1), 8 Shelter, Market, 30 Population
  • Produces: Desirability +
  • Upgrades: Town Center (Tier 3)

Town Center  (Tier 3)

  • Cost: 100 Wood Planks, 100 Clay, 1,200 Gold
  • Prerequisites: Town Center (Tier 2), 25 Homestead Built, School, Trading Post, 125 Population
  • Produces: Desirability ++
  • Upgrades: None


Another great defense to build in the early stages is a lookout Tower. It is a great option if you want to guard an area that is always under threat. A tower can have a total of 2 guards on duty, and you should arm them with bows and arrows.

Whenever they spot an enemy approaching, they can start firing the arrows from a distance. If you upgrade your existing tower, its attack range will expand and deal more damage. It does have an upkeep cost but is worth it.

Here are the requirements to build a Lookout Tower.

  • Cost: 100 Labor, 25 Wood, 10 Stone, 10 Gold
  • Prerequisites: Town Center (Tier 2)
  • Produces: Guard
  • Upgrades: N/A

Walls and Fences

While Wall, Fences, and Gates are not the long-term solution to keep enemies away from your land, but they do put a delay into their attacks, and you can use that time to get help or strategize your attacks.

Therefore, having these around is very important, and you may want to be very considerate about the layout you decide for them.

Fences and gates are a great way to protect your land and only give passage to the villagers. They can also be used to keep the wild animals away; however, they can be torn apart by your enemies.

Walls, on the other hand, do provide solid protection, but you might not want to overcrowd them as they can prohibit immigrants from moving in.

Here are the requirements to build these defenses;


  • Cost: 2 Labor, 1 Wood / 5 meters
  • Prerequisites: N/A
  • Produces: Defensive Wall
  • Upgrades: N/A

Fence Gate

  • Cost: 15 Labor, 4 Wood
  • Prerequisites: N/A
  • Produces: Defensive Gate
  • Upgrades: N/A

Fieldstone Wall

  • Cost: 3 Labor, 1 Stone / 5 meters
  • Prerequisites: N/A
  • Produces: Defensive Wall
  • Upgrades: N/A

Palisade Wall

  • Cost: 3 Labor, 3 Wood / 5 meters
  • Prerequisites: Town Center (Tier 2)
  • Produces: Defensive Wall
  • Upgrades: N/A

Palisade Gate

  • Cost: 15 Labor, 12 Wood
  • Prerequisites: Town Center (Tier 2)
  • Produces: Defensive Gate
  • Upgrades To: Fortified Wall

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