Far Cry 6 USB Song Locations Guide

In this guide, we will provide you with all the Far Cry 6 USB Song Locations so you can find these collectibles with ease.

One of the many collectibles in Far Cry 6 are USB sticks that carry various tunes in them for your car radio. In this guide, we will provide you with all the Far Cry 6 USB Song Locations so you can find these collectibles and listen to some great tunes while driving around Yara.

Far Cry 6 USB Song Locations

There are a total of 15 USB sticks to find in Far Cry 6. Collecting a USB Stick will reward you with a USB Song, that will play on the radio when you are driving around the map.

The USB Sticks are very well hidden around the map, but none of them are missable and can be collected at any time.

Each USB drive has its own unique indication; red and green glowing lights, and apart from permanently unlocking songs for you, you can track how many you have by going to the USB Songs section in your collections.

Collecting all 15 USB Songs will unlock the “That’s My Jam” trophy/achievement.

How to Play USB Songs in Far Cry 6

Once you’ve successfully collected all USB sticks, it’s time to test them. There are two ways to play a USB song in Far Cry 6.

The first method is by simply going into the player menu. Once there, click on the collection option on top which takes you to all the USB songs in your collection.

Pick the songs you want to play, hit the inspect option and enjoy listening to your favorite songs in your playlist. However, this method is temporary and the music stops playing once you exit the player menu.

This is where an alternate comes for your aid.  You can listen to the songs in your USB while driving.

Just hop inside a vehicle and the songs start to play automatically. Press the F4 option to open up the station menu and pick any random station/USB songs to play your music.

However, even in the alternate method, there are certain limitations. For example you can’t pick which song you want to play as the sequence is quite random and the car selects the songs for you from the USB collection

Here are all the locations of the USB Songs:

USB #1 – Hitboy

The first USB stick is found in Acunana Farmland. Enter the old shed with BIOViDa written over the door. As soon as you enter, look to the left to find the stick on the desk.

USB #2 – Pulpa De Tamarindo

This USB is in the town near Cortina Peninsula, in Ocaso Marina. Look on the table in the metal shed to find it.

USB #3 – Sentimiento Original

Far Cry 6 USB Song 3

This USB is found in a dumpster in Mambo Hideout. Look for the dumpster on which you will also see a laptop.

USB #4 – Abuso De Poder

Far Cry 6 USB Song

This USB is found in the Airbase Olimpia. Look on the roof of the control tower at the airbase to find the USB at the base of an antenna.

USB #5 – What A Bam Bam

Far Cry 6 USB Song

The USB is found in the town of Verdera. Look for a table outside the big yellow and blue colored mansion covered in vines to find the USB.

USB # 6 – Educate Ya

Far Cry 6 USB Song

This USB is found inside a gas station south of San Miguel River. At the station, head inside and look for the Laptop on the counter.

USB #7 – Macarena (Bayside Boys Remix)

At the location, look in the dumpster in the parking lot to find the USB.

USB #8 – Dinero

Far Cry 6 USB Song Locations

This is found on the roof of Orquidea Villa. To get to the USB, you need to climb the vines behind the villa and get to the roof.

USB #9 – Ay Lola “La Figura”

Far Cry 6 USB Song Locations

It is in an underground bunker on the shown location. First go to the USB Song location, there above ground you will see a building with a red radio tower next to it.

Next to the red radio tower is the bunker entrance with a ladder leading down.

Climb down and go through the bunker, where an FND Cache is you’ll also find a USB flash drive in the same spot.

USB #10 – La Bella Ciao De Libertad

Far Cry 6 USB Song Locations

This USB is earned as a reward for finishing the treasure hunt. Locate the starting point in Cruz Del Salvador and this will guide you to the USB as the reward for this quest.

USB #11 – Los Caminos De La Vida

This USB is near the southwestern shore of the Sierra Perdida. At the location, look on the patio behind the wooden house to find the USB.

USB #12 – Yo Aprendi

The USB is in Maldito Town. Look for the wooden hut next to the small lake and climb up its ladder. In the hut, you can easily spot the USB.

USB #13 – La Vida Me Cambio

Go to the FND Base Sureno Shipyard. Here, at the entrance, look inside the Guard’s house to find the USB.

USB #14 – Pxssy Powah!

This USB is found in Esperanza’s Guerilla hideout. Look in the hideout and you will spot the USB on one of the tables here.

USB #15 – Here We Kum

Found at the balcony where the story first started, where you selected whether to play as the male or female character. You have to backtrack up there from the stairs, then open the door to the storage room.

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