Far Cry 6 Treasure Hunt Locations Guide

In this guide, we will be helping you uncover all of the Treasure Hunt Locations in Far Cry 6. These...

In this guide, we will be helping you uncover all of the Treasure Hunt Locations in Far Cry 6. These Treasure Hunts will reward you with unique weapons, and gear drops so, finding them will never go unrewarded.

Far Cry 6 Treasure Hunt Locations

There are a total of 21 Treasure Hunts in Far Cry 6, and they are spread across the huge map of Yara. We will be going to each one of these locations and uncover these treasures for you. Treasure Hunts contain all sorts of rewards ranging from unique weapons and other gear drops.

Treasure Hunts are marked with a Purple diamond on the map, so they are pretty much unmissable and don’t require any special puzzles to unlock.

The Mongoose and the Man

Start your Treasure Hunting shenanigans by going to the left side of the Costa Del Mar region and go to Siniestra. There, you will see a greenhouse and a wooden pole outside the house. There is a note on the pole. Read it and start following the notes on the right side of the house until you come across a locked fence.

Bust it open and use the key on your right to open the shed. Be careful, though, as you’ll get jumped by a very aggressive mongoose. Kill it and loot the Stash key from its corpse. Now go inside the house and loot the treasure chest on the top floor.

The Legend of La Princesa

Now go to Espiritus Cay, which is directly above Revmia in Costa Del Mar. Interact with the note and then jump into the water directly in front of you. For this treasure hunt, you will have to dive underwater and make your way across until you reach the underwater cave.

Traverse the underwater cave while dodging the jellyfish and scaling the hurdles. You will also need to use the grapple towards the end to reach the chest.

Crocodile Tears

Head to Ardiente Cay in Aguas Lindas and start this treasure hunt. After starting, you need to vault over into the crocodile pits and look left to find a blood trail. This blood trail leads to a room with a crocodile. Kill him and loot the key from its carcass.

A few more crocodiles will attack you. Deal with them and use your grappling hook to swing towards Luis’s Room. Go inside and loot the chest.

High Supply

The next treasure hunt is located just above Palma Forest, near a dead body. You are currently standing at the foot of a mountain, and your goal is to reach the top. Start climbing and making your way to the top. You will have to grapple, vault, and blow up rocks using grenades to reach the yellow flare at the top.

Ida’s Triada Relic

Go to Dos Monjas Mogote in Lozania and pick up the treasure hunt quest near an offering. Once again, you need to start climbing and follow the white markings on the mountain to reach the other side of the caves.

Once you reach the deeper portion of the cave, you have to follow the pink lights and use the grapple lines to move around the cave until you reach the chest.

Cache Money

Head over to the Oasis Plains in Aguas Lindas and look around the security gate to start the treasure hunt. You need to climb to the roof of the house and press the red button to unlock the gates of Bunker 2.

Destroy the exposed fuel barrels and then go to the roof of the bunker to gain entrance and start looking for the chest. The chest can be located in the officer’s room, and the key to that room is located behind a locked door directly in front of it.

The Last One to Leave

The next chest can be located in Roja Bay which is near the outskirts of Esperanza. You need to turn on a bunch of switches. The first one is located in a house directly opposing the starting point of the treasure hunt.

Once you enter the house, turn on the radio, the television and then interact with the picture on the wall to gain access to a hidden room with the switch.

The second switch is located near the docks, on the water tank platform. You can climb this platform by hopping onto the stuff nearby. The last switch is inside a blue house in the same lane but on the very opposite side. Enter the house and duck left to crouch through the furniture and reach the switch.

Once all of the switches are activated, go back to the starting point, and now the door on the left will be open. Go inside and claim the riches inside the treasure chest.

Liquid Courage

Go to the Noventarmas region and reach the top left of the Del Toro Port. You have to enter the building and go to the room in the back. Your goal here is to turn off the main lever, but first, you need to disable 3 other levers. They are spread across the room, so find them and close em up and then turn off the main lever.

Doing so will cause an explosion, and then you will need to grapple out of there to reach the treasure chest.

 Star-Crossed Lovers

Go to Barrial and look around Tormentoso Bay to start the treasure hunt. You need to climb the stairs and reach the top and then go back down from the other side by following the cartoon lady’s picture. She will lead you to a sunken ship. Fire the cannon on the deck of the ship to reveal a new path that contains the treasure chest at the end.

The Truest Yaran

You can find this next treasure hunt near the Lake of Lions in the Noventarmas region. You need to enter the office, which can only be accessed via the lever in the control room, and that can only be accessed by reducing the water levels in the other room.

You can reduce the water levels by shooting the pipes which are spread across the room. This will allow you to open the office and loot the chest.

The Missing Muse

Go to the Cruz Del Salvador and head over to Burros Bay to start his treasure hunt. Collect the key from the wall and then go to the lookout point. You need to zipline across to the other side and then make your way to the edge of the rock. Dive into the water and loot the chest.

And the Beat Goes On

This next treasure hunt is located right in the middle of Cruz Del Salvador. Pick up the first note and then go inside the cave. You need to make your way across the flooded nightclub. Be careful of the water as it is electrocuted. You have to turn off a bunch of switches, grapple, and shimmy across the rocks to reach the DJ’s platform, which also has the treasure chest.

Oku’s Triada Relic

Go to Fort Oro in Cruz Del Salvador at night to collect this treasure hunt chest. You need to enter the fort and take a right towards the dining room. All of the mirrors in the dining room will break, and you have to break any remaining ones to expose a switch.

Press the switch to unlock a hidden door. Go inside the door and press all of the buttons on the table. After that, you need to go upstairs and check the note on the piano. Interact with it to open another secret room that contains a key.

Now go back downstairs and open the locked door with this key. Break the wood panels to crawl through the tight space and then make your way to the top by grappling.  Use the zipline on the roof to reach the well and then jump inside to loot the treasure chest.

The Long Drop

Reach the Pequeno Reservoir in La Joya to start the next treasure hunt. You will see a person fall into the water, and he has the shed’s key on him. To retrieve the key, you need to drain the water by going into the blue office on the far end of the dam and breaking in by shooting the lock from the other side.

Push the button and turn the lever to activate the console, and then press the console to drain the water. After that, you can go and retrieve the key from his dead body and open the shed to loot the treasure chest.

Mimo Abosi’s Triada Relic

Just below this location is another treasure hunt. It is located near a construction site in the same area. Interact with the note and destroy the generator. Then go inside the cave and loot the fan room keycard from the body on the left. Then keep going down until you reach a cavity in the cliff and see the treasure chest in the middle of the open room.

Sweet Fifteen

Go to the area above Higado Lake in Sierra Perdida and interact with the note to start the treasure hunt. You need to turn on all of the levers and buttons inside this warehouse to enable the center console. Once that is done, press the center console to reveal your prize.

The Emerald Skull

Head over to Concepcion in the Conuco region and start the treasure hunt. Go to the marked location and traverse the spooky-looking cave. Then move on to the next location, where you need to place 2 green skulls inside 2 statues to unlock a path towards the treasure chest.

Parting Gifts

This next one is directly below the previous one in the same region. Go to Sombredo Gorge to start this next treasure hunt and turn off both the power sources, and unlink the truck outside. You need to tow the orange generator with the truck and take it to the platform nearby.

Drive the generator on the platform, and your truck will start to get electrocuted. That is when you get out and go back to turn the fuel lever on. After that, you need to break the lock of the office by shooting it through the gap in the fan and then gain access to a hidden room from the roof.

Retrieve the key and then go back outside to the locked room. Open it up using the key and loot the treasure chest inside.

Passing the Torch

Sierra Perdida houses the next treasure hunt quest. Read the note and go to the house on the top to turn on the switch. You need to go around the houses and turn on all of the switches, and after doing that, you need to go back and turn on the main switch, which should now be green. The locked door will now be open, and you can loot the treasure chest inside

A Little Birdie Told Me

You need to head over to the Promise Peaks and feed Danilo. Then, simply follow the pelican as he flies across the island. Feed him again and then loot the treasure hunt chest.

Rising Tide

Go to Torrero Beach and start the treasure hunt by going inside the house and pushing the buttons with names on them until the locked door turns green. Go inside the room and loot the treasure hunt chest.

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