Far Cry 6 And The Beat Goes On Treasure Hunt Guide

To help you out with completing the “And the Beat Goes On” treasure hunt in Far Cry 6, we’ve prepared this guide where we’ll be showing you how you can complete this quest step by step and grab the treasure and the USB stick at the end of the perilous path.

Far Cry 6 And The Beat Goes On Treasure Hunt

The goal of the “And the Beat Goes On” treasure hunt is to navigate your way through a flooded nightclub and find a USB stick that contains the “Ay Lola La Figura” song.

To start off this treasure hunt in Far Cry 6, make your way over to the underground nightclub in Arroz Flatlands, Cruz Del Salvador. At the entrance of this nightclub, you’ll see a note.

Once you read this note, the treasure hunt will begin. Now, break open the door and head inside the nightclub.

When you go down the stairs to the flooded dance floor, you’ll notice that the power is out. So the first thing you need to do is restore the power here.

To do that, first, grapple up onto the disco ball above you and use the disco ball to swing to the platform where you see a switch. Flip the switch to restore the power and then come back down safely.

Since the power is now back on, the water on the dancefloor will become electrified, shocking you if you step into it and dealing significant damage. So, you have to be very careful down there.

Use the rocks that are above the water level to hop your way towards the door opposite the switch. Go through the door and get ready to do some platforming. Use the ledges on the wall ahead to climb your way up.

After climbing all the way up, go into the room ahead that’s also flooded. The water will be electrified here as well, so make sure to not step in it.

Walk along the right wall of the room until you reach the ledges. You’ll have to climb up these ledges like you did before, but you’ll have to be extra careful this time because the waterfall near you becomes electrified periodically.

Hence, you have to time your jump from ledge to ledge perfectly so you don’t get shocked.

After making your way up, grapple onto the hook above and descend down carefully, making sure not to fall into the water below and then swing towards the area ahead.

Go up the stairs and grapple onto the hook above once again. To swing to the other side, you’ll have to swing through the waterfall, which gets electrified periodically as it did before.

Hence, you have to time your swing perfectly in order to not get electrocuted. After swinging to the other side, grab the USB stick from the DJ Booth and the 1911 Pistol from the treasure chest to complete the “And the Beat Goes On” treasure hunt.