Where to Find the El Unicornio Horse in Far Cry 6

In this guide, we'll be showing you Where to Find the El Unicornio Horse in Far Cry 6 by completing the Sweet Fifteen treasure hunt

To acquire the Unicorn Horse Mount in Far Cry 6 you must solve a puzzle that requires you to find four different electrical switches. We will be showing you how to complete the treasure hunt and where to find the El Unicornio Horse in Far Cry 6.

Where to Find the El Unicornio Horse in Far Cry 6

In this guide, we have given the entire FC6 Sweet Fifteen treasure hunt where we’ll help you find the location of the El Unicornio Horse.

The El Unicornio treasure hunt is divided into two parts, the first one is to find the location of the El Unicornio Horse and the second part is to solve the puzzle and complete the mission.

You’ll start the mission at Sierra Perdida. Follow the location given in the map below to reach your destination.

Where to Find the El Unicornio Horse in Far Cry 6

Once at the location, you’ll notice a large quinceañera billboard to your right. This is where your treasure hunt begins.

Simply head inside the large blue warehouse left of the billboard with an NPC standing beside the red container. The entrance to the warehouse is at the back, so head back to find the entrance and come across a red box on the wall.

Open the box to read the letter inside and start the mission. Head inside the warehouse and go through the second door to come across a podium with a red button on it.

However, in order to interact with the button, you must find four switches to supply power since the button needs power for activation.

This brings us to the second part of the mission which is to find the four switches scattered all around the warehouse.

FC6 Sweet Fifteen Treasure Hunt Switch Locations

As mentioned before, you need to find four different switches in the warehouse that help you interact with the red button that unlocks the door to the El Unicornio Horse.

Below we’ve given the locations of all four switches situated in different parts of the warehouse.


For the first switch, head straight from the podium to the left room and reach the left side to find an area blocked by some pallets. Break through the pallets and reach the other side of the room to find the first switch on the wall next to a gasoline tank; you can grab that too if you want.


To find the second switch, head up the ladder next to the first switch and jump onto the catwalk ahead. Go left to find the second switch. Make sure to kill that weasel in the area that can damage your health.


Before you find the third switch, hop onto the wooden platform down the catwalk. There’s a room on the other side with a locked door. Use your pistol to shoot its lock and unlock the door. This will come in handy later.

For the third switch, head into the area right of the podium. The switch is found at the opposite side which comes with a twist.

The floor is covered with electrical wires. Therefore, you must jump onto the boxes to make your way to the end and press the red button ahead to stop the power supply of the wires. The switch is found on the right side next to a box of medicines; you need those at this point.


Remember when you broke the door lock before finding the third switch? Well, it was because you’ll find the last switch in that room.

Head up the stairs from the third switch area and enter the now unlocked room to find the last switch at the far end side.

Once you’ve found all four switches, head back to the podium to interact with the button and unlock the door ahead with the El Unicornio Horse inside to complete the Sweet Fifteen treasure hunt.

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