Far Cry 6 Black Market Guide

In this guide, we'll be showing you everything you need to know about the Far Cry 6 Black Market and what you can get from it

The Black Market in Far Cry 6 is a treasure trove of rare weapons and other goodies. Overseen by a woman called Lola, she keeps only the best for her guerilla customers. How do you get to the Far Cry 6 Black Market and what are some of the weapons being sold there? Read more to find out.

Far Cry 6 Black Market

The Black market can be easily found in any of your guerrilla camps. It is a very valuable resource so take advantage of it and always keep an eye on what Lola has kept in stock for you.

How to Find the Black Market

Lola is the Black-Market vendor; she is distinguished by the blue diamond hovering above her head when you approach her. You initially unlock her services when you are introduced to the guerilla groups situated in the region of Yara.

But before you journey out to find her, contact the group that Carla has asked you to meet on Yara.

Monteros, Talia Benevidez, and El-Tigre; talk to any of these individuals to unlock their campaigns. Upon completing them Lola and her Black-Market will be available to you.

How to Buy Overclocked Weapons

After that, you are free to visit her in any guerilla camp unlocked by you. The reason you want to visit Lola is to buy Overclocked weapons.

Simply put, Overclocked weapons are variants of standard weapons with amped-up stats.

Due to the Overclocked mod installed within them that requires about 1x Gunpowder and 5x Industrial Circuits, obtaining them will increase the weapon’s damage permanently.

Cosmetic Items

These weapons are a must-have but not only that, Lola also sells cosmetic items and other special resources.

The market list does refresh every 12 hours. So don’t impulse buy when you aren’t sure about her selection at the time.

To buy these items you need a currency called Moneda. You earn these by completing Special Operations issued by Lola.

The following guns can be bought from the Black Market with the Overclocked mod installed:

Name Type Rank Cost
1887 Shotgun 4 600 Moneda
MP5 Submachine Gun 4 600 Moneda
Eastern Front Sniper Rifle 4 1000 Moneda

Crafting and Upgrade Materials

As for the resources, you can buy Industrial Circuits and Industrial Composite from Lola’s Black Market. These are useful when improving advanced supremos and for building mods.

You can also buy cute figurines! Such as the Boom-Boom Chibi that is basically a figurine of a leaping dog holding a knife in its jaw.

You can also find a chibi of a mildly creepy figurine of a rabbit that is scouting called Rabid Chibi. You can buy both of these for 300 Moneda each.

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