Far Cry 6 Aguda Cliffs Checkpoint Key Location Guide

in this Far Cry 6 Aguda Cliffs Checkpoint Key Location guide we will guide you through the whole process of getting your hands on the key for Aguda.

One of the many side activities that you can do to liberate Yara in Far Cry 6 is clearing out checkpoints. One such checkpoint is Aguda Cliff, and in this Far Cry 6 Aguda Cliffs Checkpoint Key Location guide, we will tell you how you can get the key for Aguda Cliff’s checkpoint.

Far Cry 6 Aguda Cliffs Checkpoint Key Location

Before we get to the key, you need to take out all the guards present at the checkpoint. You can either be loud and kill them without remorse or be stealthy about it.

Efficiently execute the enemies one by one. During this process, keep an eye out for an officer who is distinguished by a yellow health bar.

This enemy type will drop the key for the Aguda Cliff’s checkpoint, so make sure to execute them swiftly.

Once the area is cleared, remember to destroy the billboard to liberate the checkpoint! You can now safely use the key on the armory’s door to collect your rewards.

Another way to obtain the key is by sleuthing.

On the opposite side of the road from the guard station, a spare key can be found resting on top of a concrete barrier.

Then there, let’s talk about a bug where the Aguda Cliff’s checkpoint has no guards roaming around. To rectify this, simply leave the area and complete other quests before returning to the area.

It’s an underwhelming solution, but until it is not addressed properly, there isn’t much you can do. But if you are feeling impatient, you can use brute force on the armory door.

Use any weapon that deals blast damage like a frag grenade. Then voila! You have just finessed through the game’s bug and gained your rewards. Let’s hope that it doesn’t make matters worse in the future.

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