How to Save Progress in Far Cry 6

Far Cry 6 is finally available but unlike most games these days, the process to save in the game is a bit confusing. In this guide, we will explain how to save your progress in Far Cry 6 so you don’t end up wasting all the hours of running around Yara.

How to Save Progress in Far Cry 6

The map of Far Cry 6 is gigantic and so is the scale of the game which means it will take you a good amount of time to traverse between missions and other activities regardless of how you travel.

This can become tiring after a couple of hours and you might be needing a break and that’s where the thought of saving your progress comes into mind. Far Cry 6 utilizes a system of smart autosaves to save your progress.

Unlike many other games, the option to manually save wherever you want does not exist here so, you have to rely on the game’s in-built checkpoint saving systems.

How to Use Far Cry 6 Auto Save

There are a couple of instances where the game recognizes a checkpoint and saves your progress.

The game can determine if you’ve just started doing a mission or activity and saves your progress at the start of the mission.

After that, the game autosaves once you complete the mission or activity to save your progress once again.

Another way of forcing the game to save your progress is by fast traveling to an outpost or checkpoint.

As soon as you load in, you will see the white save icon in the top right corner of the screen, indicating that your progress has been saved.

The Issues with Auto Save

In 2021, an open-world adventure game not having the facility to manually save doesn’t make sense.

Other games implement this feature in a much superior way, making exploring and deviating from the guided path rewarding for the player.

The player knows that they can resume back from their manual save if anything goes wrong or they accidentally trigger any enemy outposts.

The autosave in Far Cry 6 sometimes misses the checkpoint so you might quit after liberating a fort only to come back to the start of that activity.

That is why we suggest that whenever you want to quit, you should fast travel back to your settlement and wait for the white icon to flash in the top right corner of the screen to ensure that your progress has been saved.

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