Far Cry 4 Lost Letters Locations ‘Caretaker of Memory Guide

Far Cry 4 Lost Letters locations to find all 20 lost letters and unlock Caretaker of Memory achievement or trophy.

Lost Letters Have been a part of Far Cry series from before Far Cry 4. This installment in the series also has another story to tell about Robert Barclay and his wife Charlotte from way back in the early 19th century.

Collecting all the letters will not only unlock an achievement it will also play a role in the 100 percent completion of the game.

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Far Cry 4 Lost Letters Locations

Every Lost Letter has different map-coordinates as well as a given location name. We have also detailed what you will have to do in order to get your hands on each one of the 20 letters.

For every one of them, when you reach the exact location, you will find a skeleton of a well-dressed person (most probably the mailman). So know that you have reached the correct place when you see something like that.

Lost Letter #1 – Charlotte, Nov. 1819
Map Coordinates: x:309 y:325
Location: You will find the first lost letter in Kyra’s Slumber. Go to the coordinates x:313 y:325 to enter the area and then go to the back on the given coordinates to find the dressed up skeleton with a bag.

Lost Letter #2 – Robert, Dec. 1819
Map Coordinates: x:279 y:564
Location: First go to the x:275 y:563 coordinates to find a way to enter the cave in front of you. Now go to the exact coordinates provided. You will land up at the end of the cave with a dead man’s skeleton and a bag with your letter inside.

Lost Letter #3 – Robert, Jan. 1820
Map Coordinates: x:425 y:701
Location: Go to Rato Lagoon at the given coordinates. You will reach the middle of a lake; the lost letter will be on a small island.

Lost Letter #4 – Charlotte, Jan. 1820
Map Coordinates: x:395 y:659
Location: Go to Yalung’s Seed and pin point the exact coordinates mentioned above. You will find the lost letter in the bag of the dressed up skeleton at the cave’s back end.

Lost Letter #5 – Robert, Sept. 1819
Map Coordinates: x:465 y:449
Location: Go to Yalung’s Rot, inside the cave look for a ledge on your right that you can climb. Stay right where you reach on top of the ledge and locate the entrance to a green tunnel right in front of you.

goo inside the tunnel and look around for the lost letter.

Lost Letter #6 – Robert, Aug. 1819
Map Coordinates: x:369 y:600
Location: Reach Yashini’s Ecstasy at the coordinates provided. Now go to the stream inside the well. Keep going and locate the shrine on the left side.

Reach the shrine and locate a demon statue; the lost letter is at the base of the statue.

Lost Letter #7 – Charlotte, Aug. 1819
Map Coordinates: x:488 y:562
Location: On the given coordinates you will reach Yalung’s Mind (though go to these coordinates in order to enter the cave x:491 y:559). Inside, go to the back end of the cave to find the dead man with a bag.

Lost Letter #8 – Robert, April 1820
Map Coordinates: x:593 y:794
Location: Close to the Keo Rija Mine, there is a stream. Go upwards along the stream until you reach the coordinates at the end of the stream. Up there you will find the letter inside the bag of the dead man’s skeleton.

Lost Letter #9 – Charlotte, March 1820
Map Coordinates: x:529 y:654
Location: This letter can be found inside the Sealed KEO Mine. Go inside the mine and on the given coordinates, go to the back end of the mine to get your lost letter.

Lost Letter #10 – Robert, Nov. 1819
Map Coordinates: x:585 y:610
Location: There is a house at the given coordinates, enter the room and go to the cave by destroying the hurdles at the end. You letter will be at the end of the cave.

Lost Letter #11 – Charlotte, May 1820
Map Coordinates: x:690 y:688
Location: Go to Svargiya Takataki Camp on the given coordinates. You will have to locate the point where you can climb the place by grappling. Now go up and take the dangerous ledge to your right. You should be headed towards a small tower with a flag on top.

WHen yuo are close enough, look around the tower to find the lost letter.

Lost Letter #12 – Charlotte, June 1820
Map Coordinates: x:708 y:810
Location: Reach Yalung’s Belly and at the given coordinates. You will have to go to the back end of the cave and reach the open area. Now look for the lost letter at the center of the area.

Lost Letter #13 – Robert, July 1820
Map Coordinates: x:801 y:814
Location: Go to Lieutenant’s Rest at the coordinates x:796 y:806, and then locate a ledge that has ropes dangling from it. Get on top of the ledge and then jump onto the next ledge.

Locate a grappling point and use it to climb the cliff. There should be a log to your left, cross it and then jump across the chasm. At the top you should find a cave; go inside and grapple to the top of it.

Once you are at the shaft’s top you will be able to spot the lost letter.

Lost Letter #14 – Robert, June 1820
Map Coordinates: x:785 y:627
Location: Reach Kyra Ki Sansa and go to the bridge. Now go to the hills from under the bridge on the exact coordinates to find a dead man’s skeleton that is dressed up and has a bag with your letter inside.

Lost Letter #15 – Charlotte, Feb. 1820
Map Coordinates: x:456 y:752
Location: At Banashur’s Refuge, enter the area from these coordinates x:451 y:755 and go straight for the back end. Now locate a shrine and look for the letter on the front side of the shrine.

Lost Letter #16 – Robert, March 1820
Map Coordinates: x:401 y:781
Location: Go to x:408 y:774 coordinates to find something to grapple up with. There is a ledge on the top of the cliff (it should have ropes on it), reach it and go to the east of KEO Logistics.

There should be a house on the eastern side, Go to the house and look for the letter beneath the stairs.

Lost Letter #17 – Charlotte, Oct. 1819
Map Coordinates: x:497 y:398
Location: Go to x:492 y:408 coordinates and use the grappling points to go left. You will reach Yalung’s Jaw; now go to the center of the cave and fetch the letter from around the walls on your right side.

Lost Letter #18 – Charlotte, Nov. 1819
Map Coordinates: x:552 y:485
Location: Go to Kalinag’s Descent and the coordinates x:554 y:453, and locate the ledges with ropes. Take the ledge up and keep climbing, use the grappling point to make a jump to the ledge on the left. Take the next ledge and use the second grappling point too go across the chasm.

Take the log to reach another ledge with ropes and keep heading to the waterfall on the north. Locate a third grappling point beside the waterfall and use it to go down to the platform below.

Go right and locate a giant faced statue inside a room. You letter is under the face of the statue.

Lost Letter #19 – Charlotte, July 1819
Map Coordinates: x:295 y:509
Location: There is a grappling point at x:302 y:505, take it and then go towards your right. Enter the cave at x:299 y:509 (it will be on the left side).

Go to the back end of the cave to locate the lost letter.

Lost Letter #20 – Robert, June 1819
Map Coordinates: x:375 y:505
Location: Locate the entrance to Smuggler’s Portage at x:374 y:502 and go inside. Keep going until you are in the middle of the area. Then look around to find the skeleton with a bag holding the letter you are looking for.

If there is anything missing or confusing in the guide, let us know in the comments below and we will do whatever we can to help you with it!

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