Far Cry 3 Blood Dragon VHS Tapes Locations Guide

There are a total of twelve VHS tape collectibles that are scattered throughout the island of Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon. Collecting the tapes is not just a cosmetic or a ‘collector’s job’ however, as finding as little as three of them unlocks the Big ‘Ol Box Of Ammo. Obtaining all 12 of the tapes rewards players by unlocking Max Mags.

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Far Cry 3 Blood Dragon VHS Tapes Locations

Finding all the tapes also rewards you with the ‘Greatest Format Of All Time’ achievement/trophy and 20 gamerscore.

The Tapes can be a bit hard to find, as unlike the TV sets, they don’t really stand out and are rather small. Fortunately, they’re easy to find once you’re in the right location. Let’s get into the guide.

VHS Tape #1: (X: 518.4, Y: 432.2)
Location. Head west of this point and search for a bunker on top of a hill here. Search inside, find the VHS.

VHS Tape #2: (X: 453.7, Y: 468.2)
Location. There is another bunker here at this location. Clear out the bad guys, head inside and grab the tape.

VHS Tape #3: (X: 432.9, Y: 504.7)
Location. Head left as you enter this base from the main gate. There is a small box outside a bunker/room here and the tape is on top of it.

VHS Tape #4: (X: 483.2, Y: 525.9)
Location. Head out the main gate of this base and go down the slope to your right. There is a bunker here, and a tape inside.

VHS Tape #5: (X: 580.1, Y: 404.6)
Location. Another bunker here, head inside and pick up the tape.

VHS Tape #6: (X: 519.4, Y: 363.4)
Location. There is a bunker directly to the right as you enter this base through the main gate. There is another tape inside.

VHS Tape #7: (X: 556.6, Y: 508.7)
Location. There is yet another bunker here, at the end of this dirt path. The tape, however, is on top of the box to the left of the bunker.

VHS Tape #8: (X: 608.3, Y: 441.2)
Location. At the end of the dirt path here is a small outpost on a cliff. Enter, and outside the door of the main building is a box with a tape on it.

VHS Tape #9: (X: 527.6, Y: 439.6)
Location. Another outpost here. And another box outside the main building with a tape on it.

VHS Tape #10: (X: 511.5, Y: 362.9)
Location. Head to these coordinates to find a bunker with the tape inside.

VHS Tape #11: (X: 427.6, Y: 407.7)
Location. There is yet another bunker here. However, this time the tape is on a box outside it.

VHS Tape #12: (X: 461.7, Y: 335.1)
Location. AS you enter this base through the main gate, head up to the upper level by using the stairs on the right. Then enter the big building and you’ll find the last tape on a barrel.

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