Far Cry 3 Blood Dragon TV Sets Locations Guide

In the newest expansion for the massively popular Far Cry 3; Blood Dragon, Ubisoft has given us the chance to find yet more collectibles, yay!

One of these collectibles in Blood Dragon are the TV Sets. These are scattered throughout the island and can be very difficult to find if you don’t know where they are exactly. They look like regular TV sets, and usually just show static or something like the words ‘Omega Force’.

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Far Cry 3 Blood Dragon TV Sets Locations

Collecting Nine of the TV Sets will unlock the double barrel attachment for shotguns, collecting 18 will unlock the Quad Barrel and getting them all awards you the ‘Drug of the Nation’ achievement/trophy.

Without further ado, here are the locations you need to search around.

TV Set #1: (X: 526.7, Y: 393.1)
Location. Go along the path downhill towards the ruins and look left of the large statue here to find this TV.

TV Set #2: (X: 536.5, Y: 407.2)
Location. From these coordinates slide down the cliff south towards the road on the map. There will be some ruins here. Check the upper level to find this TV on the corner of the terrace.

TV Set #3: (X: 571.1, Y: 396.4)
Location. There are some ruins at these coordinates, search around and you should find a pile of TV sets in a corner with this one on top.

TV Set #4: (X: 591.1, Y: 382.2)
Location. You’ll find yourself out in the ocean here. There will be an island with one of those glowing lights on it but you need to head to a smaller platform jutting out of the water to the west of the island.

It can be a bit difficult to find, but once you’re at these coordinates, you’ll find it and a shaft going into the ocean you can dive into. Go in, and you will find the TV underwater on the bottom most level.

TV Set #5: (X: 534.0, Y: 341.5)
Location. You’ll be on the edge of the water here. Go skinny-dipping and you’ll immediately see the TV set underwater on a stone platform.

TV Set #6: (X: 457.3, Y: 491.6)
Location. You’ll be a ways from the road at these coordinates, near a bunch of ruins and a tent. Search for the TV here.

TV Set #7: (X: 444.3, Y: 474.9)
Location. Head south from these coordinates towards a bunch of small pillars and remains of a building. The TV is in between these pillars on a stone pedestal.

TV Set #8: (X: 463.1, Y: 445.5)
Location. There is a point here when the path makes a curve to the west, but you need to go east towards the ruins in the cliff wall. The TV Set is here.

TV Set #9: (X: 491.3, Y: 466.8)
Location. Head up into the big ruins from here. The TV set is in the corner to the right (north).

TV Set #10: (X: 501.8, Y: 493.7)
Location. You’ll find these ruins right next to the road. Pretty easy to find this set on the stone wall.

TV Set #11: (X: 510.7, Y: 459.2)
Location. West of the giant glowing light in the sky here is a small lake/pond on the map. The ruins where this set is found is directly south of that lake.

TV Set #12: (X: 469.2, Y: 417.9)
Location. Check out the ruins at the foot of the hills and mountains at these coordinates. You’ll find the TV here.

TV Set #13: (X: 497.2, Y: 473.0)
Location. Go directly west of the three ways crossing in the road here, until you come across a tent. The TV is found underneath the tent.

TV Set #14: (X: 494.0, Y: 434.0)
Location. This set is found just off the road, on a rock next to a pond.

TV Set #15: (X: 433.1, Y: 480.4)
Location. East of the road (just before it starts it’s bend here) there is a network of caves you can explore. You’ll find the TV just after entering.

TV Set #16: (X: 437.6, Y: 504.4)
Location. You’ll find this TV underneath one of the helicopter pads of the base at these coordinates. Take the stairs to the side to go under.

TV Set #17: (X: 492.6, Y: 409.1)
Location. Head southwest of these coordinates into the wilderness and you’ll come across some ruins with this TV sitting on top of a stone table.

TV Set #18: (X: 450.8, Y: 362.0)
Location. Go towards the west from this point, to where the road comes to an end to find three TVs in a pyramid. Activate any one of them.

TV Set #19: (X: 453.1, Y: 362.8)
Location. You’ll find yourself just north of some ruins at these coordinates. And surprise, surprise, the TV set is at these ruins.

TV Set #20: (X: 490.4, Y: 362.7)
Location. Enter the doorway of the ruins to the south, and jump and climb at the first opportunity. The TV is to your left.

TV Set #21: (X: 479.8, Y: 364.4)
Location. Again, head south to enter some more ruins. Take a right at the tablet on the wall and find this TV in the second room.

TV Set #22: (X: 467.8, Y: 386.8)
Location. There is what looks like a broken wall here. You can scale it from the broken end to find a TV set.

TV Set #23: (X: 428.0, Y: 403.6)
Location. You’ll have to get wet for this one. From these coordinates you’ll find the TV set underwater halfway between the shore and the island to the south.

TV Set #24: (X: 490.5, Y: 340.8)
Location. You’ll find another stone platform in the middle of the ocean at these coordinates. Dive into the depths to the east to find the TV.

TV Set #25: (X: 554.4, Y: 467.4)
Location. There is a small dirt track there leading off from the main road that leads you to a ruined shrine. The TV is here.

TV Set #26: (X: 533.1, Y: 429.4)
Location. There is a stone building just off the dirt track at these coordinates. You’ll find the TV on a pedestal inside, on the other side of the building.

TV Set #27: (X: 566.5, Y: 417.1)
Location. You’ll find this large stone building on the left of the dirt track as you go up it. And inside is the TV.

TV Set #28: (X: 584.6, Y: 416.4)
Location. You’ll find a fort on a hill with three TVs stacked on top of one another here.

TV Set #29: (X: 601.2, Y: 449.3)
Location. Someone really seems to love watching TV here. At these coordinates you’ll find a shrine with a bunch of TVs and candles all over the place. Just activate one and get out of there before the loon that did it comes back.

TV Set #30: (X: 580.8, Y: 494.7)
Location. Go southwest from this point to find a pit in the ground with two bodies in it. There is a TV on top of a barrel in here as well.

TV Set #31: (X: 548.6, Y: 502.0)
Location. East and a bit to the north of the base here. You’ll find these small ruins on a hill. The TV is here.

TV Set #32: (X: 536.2, Y: 452.9)
Location. You’ll find this on top of the metallic platform at this location. Head up the stairs to find it.

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