Far Cry 3 Blood Dragon Notes Locations Guide – What Are You Reading For?

Carlyle’s notes are another of the many collectibles that can be found on the island of Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon. The notes are always found next to the corpse of a scientist/researcher, and are almost always found in caves.

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Far Cry 3 Blood Dragon Notes Locations

There are a total of 10 notes, and finding three of them unlock the Extended Mag. Locating and collecting all ten notes unlocks the Really Huge Mag, as well as awarding the player the ‘What Are You Reading For?’ achievement/trophy.

The notes simply look like a file of some papers, dropped from the hands of an unlucky researcher as one of the various hostile island wildlife decided it was feeling like having a scientist sandwich. Without further ado, let’s get into the guide:

Note #1: (X: 504.7, Y: 503.9)
Location. You’ll find the entrance of a cave system here, and when you enter you’ll probably see a dinosaur skeleton to the right. A bit past that, behind some stalagmites to the left, you’ll find the note.

Note #2: (X: 433.4, Y: 480.7)
Location. Another cave entrance. Head inside, and duck through the small tunnel. Make a left from the TV set here and you’ll find a corpse and the note.

Note #3: (X: 496.3, Y: 448.1)
Location. You’ll find yourself next to the hang glider here. Behind it, drop down the cliff and enter the cavern here. Take the first right while running through the tunnel, and jump into the crevice next to the dead researcher.

Note #4: (X: 535.0, Y: 393.2)
Location. Enter the cave at the side of the road here, and you’ll find the body and note no problem.

Note #5: (X: 558.1, Y: 406.5)
Location. Follow the winding road up or down the mountain here. At one point you’ll find some sort of dig site to the side that goes into a cave. Enter to find a large dinosaur skeleton and the note opposite it’s body.

Note #6: (X: 457.5, Y: 404.7)
Location. There is a hole in the ground here that you can drop into. You’ll find yourself in a cave system and will land right next to the corpse of the researcher and the note.

Note #7: (X: 463.4, Y: 335.0)
Location. Follow the main road that goes west on your map from here. Keep a lookout for a cave entrance to the right as you go. Once you find it, enter and you’ll spot the notes and bodies before long.

Note #8: (X: 543.9, Y: 470.2)
Location. Go northeast from this point, down a small cliff, and you’ll spot the body of this scientist out in the open, the note next to him.

Note #9: (X: 587.0, Y: 416.9)
Location. You’ll find a small fort on a cliff here. Head to the back of the fort, and jump off the cliff, right next to the skeleton. When you land, you’ll be right next to a cave entrance. Head inside to find the note.

Note #10: (X: 520.6, Y: 440.1)
Location. Here you’ll find a glowing blue trail that leads into a cave, search around inside these caves for two researcher bodies. The note is next to them.

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