Fallout 76 Wastelanders Strange Bedfellows Walkthrough

The Wastelanders DLC introduces you to the Strange Bedfellows quest. During Fallout 76 Wastelanders Strange Bedfellows, you will be helping...

The Wastelanders DLC introduces you to the Strange Bedfellows quest. During Fallout 76 Wastelanders Strange Bedfellows, you will be helping Rose in completing a series of tasks.

If you have found yourself stuck at any of the points in the quest, unable to proceed forward, we have made this detailed guide to show you exactly what you need to do and where to go.

Fallout 76 Wastelanders Strange Bedfellows

Completing the Fallout 76 Strange Bedfellows will reward you with the following rewards

  • 5x Stimpaks
  • 78x 5mm Rounds
  • 1x Short Radium Rifle
  • 15x .45 Rounds
  • 1x Junkie’s Cryolator

The quest starts off with you having to talk to Rose. Head to the objective marker, and go to the top of the tower using the elevator.

If you can’t access the elevator, then you are going to want to complete the mission ‘Signal Strength’ before you can proceed. Once you’ve exhausted all options talking to Rose, head out of the building using the elevator.

Get David’s Trophy
Make your way to the next marker, North-East of your current location. You can find David’s Trophy lying inside a house. Enter the building, and go up the stairs. Once you’re in the bedroom, take the trophy off the divider.

Search for clues about Rosalynn’s memorial
In the same room, you can find a photo of Rosalynn’s memorial on the desk right next to the divider.

Read the back of the Photo
Once you’re done contacting rose. Go into your inventory and in notes, you will find the photograph of Rosalynn’s Memorial. Press X to inspect it and to progress the quest further.

Retrieve the AI Program
Head to the next objective marker, you will find the AI program lying in a rather romantic spot surrounded by spikes. Your next objective is to repair the holotape.

Repair the AI Program
Head to the terminal Rose was talking about, it is in the basement of a house at the marked location. Using the terminal, you will realize you need a password.

It can be found outside in the port-a-potty. Once found, use the terminal again to repair the AI Program. Head to Rose, after repairing the program.

Find a holotape with the word ‘Negotiate’
Make your way to Arktos Pharma, marked by the objective marker on your map. Head up from the side-stairs, and enter through the first door.

Navigate your way to the trashcan and collect the holotape. Proceed to give the holotape to Rose back in the tower.

Hook up the Holotape in a Local Relay Tower
Follow your objective marker, clear the area. Enter the control room of the relay tower and press E on the marked terminal to load up the ‘The Hook Up’ holotape.

After listening to Rose, head to the Mezzanine.

Clear the hostiles in the Mezzanine
Go to the Mezzanine and clear out all hostiles infesting the place. Be a bit prepared with heals and stuff, as the number of mobs can become overwhelming.

Talk to Meg
Once the Mezzanine is free of all hostiles, Meg will appear in the same area. Talk to her, she will be in the center. This will bring the Strange Bedfellow quest to a halting conclusion.

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