Fallout 76 Wastelanders Hunter for Hire Walkthrough

Here we will give you the complete Fallout 76 Wastelanders Hunter for Hire Walkthrough to help out with this quest and start up a camp

Hunter for Hire is a new quest that can be unlocked by completing the quest Wayward Souls. Here we will give you the complete Fallout 76 Wastelanders Hunter for Hire Walkthrough to help out with this quest.

Fallout 76 Wastelanders Hunter for Hire

In Hunter for Hire, you will have to defend The Wayward from bandits using unique strategies and following several steps.

This Fallout 76 guide will uncover all these strategies and how to complete Hunter for Hire quest.

The best strategy to follow for the completion of Hunter for Hire consists of the following steps:

  • Build a camp (Optional)
  • Build a weapons Workbench at your camp (Optional)
  • Build a sign (Mandatory)
  • Load Broadcast Tapes
  • See who the sign draws In
  • Kill or Convince the Gang leader

Building a Camp
For building a camp, head towards the bar and talk to Mort about building a camp. He will give you a set of holotapes. Listen to these tapes using your Holo and then tell Mort you have listened the tapes.

Building a Weapons Workbench
So once you have set up your Camp somewhere outside the Wayward, the next step for Hunter for Hire is to use the following recipe to build a weapons workbench:

  • 6x Aluminum
  • 3x Gear
  • 3x Rubber
  • 3x Screws
  • 4x Wood

So gather these materials and open the Crafting menu. You will find the option of Weapons Workbench in the crafting tap. Place the workbench anywhere in your camp and you are all set.

Building the Sign
You will have to build the crane treasure hunting sign and this is a necessary step in the quest. Open Items menu and open Notes.

Read the Plan: Crane Treasure Hunting Sign from here and then gather the following material for the recipe:

  • 1x Circuitry
  • 1x Copper
  • 2x Plastic
  • 6x Steel
  • 1x Power

Once you have gathered all the materials mentioned above, interact with your camp and select the Quest tab. Build the sign from here and you will unlock the next step in the quest.

Loading Broadcast Tapes
The next step is to load the broadcast tapes into a radio tower and then activating the connection. So head out to the Relay Tower in the west of Wayward.

Go inside the tower and interact with Emergency Management Console. Insert the Broadcast Tape and load it and then activate the Transmitter connection.

See Who the Sign Attracts
Head out to where you had put the sign earlier during Hunter for Hire quest and wait for Free Radicals to appear. Once a free radical appears, use Luck, Strength or attack to deal with him. You will then know the whereabouts of the enemy’s gang.

Take all this information to the Duchess and your next step will be unlocked.

Killing or Convincing Gang Leader
So make your way to the WV Lumber Co. and interact with the intercom. You will then have to select from various options, but the best one is to select ‘I’m here to talk to your boss’. It requires a password which is ‘Blue Danube’.

So once you reach their boss Roper, either kill him or convince him to leave Wayward alone. The convincing process needs high Charisma so only opt for it if you have charisma.

Once you have completed all the steps, return to the Duchess and tell her about your progress. Your Hunter for Hire quest ends here.