BO2 Zombies: How To Turn The Power On In Tranzit

You need power to access certain areas.

The first thing we recommend you to do if you are playing Black Ops 2 – Tranzit on Green Run, is to turn the power on permanently. This can be a bit tedious to pull off but it will help you and your friends by powering up all the vending machines and allowing access to some areas that are otherwise locked out.

How to turn on the power in Tranzit

To turn on the power in Tranzit, you need to take the bus and get out at the third stop to reach the Town area of Green Run. If you don’t have access to the bus yet you can do it by building a turbine.

To build a turbine. For that, you need to grab a mannequin from the central map, the wing of a toy plane from the nearby payphones, and finally, a fan which is right behind the workbench. Place them all one by one on the workbench and you have created a turbine.

Using the turbine now open the doors to the bus station and hop onto the bus. Take the bus to the third stop and you will find yourself in a somewhat deserted area. You need to look for a small shed with an option to buy AK74u on its wall. There is a secret door that you can open for 750 credits and drop down to a massive secret lab.

Inside the lab, you will need to find three different parts that you can use to build a switch to turn on the power. These parts are:

  • Circuit Board
  • The Switch
  • A severed Zombie Arm

Any of these parts can randomly spawn on one of the random locations. These locations are the computer terminal or up against one of the two stacks of boxes. The severed hand is often spawned in the circular room. Combine the three different parts on the workstation to make yourself a switch. Flip the switch to turn on the power.

Possible locations for the Tranzit power parts

The parts needed to turn on the power in Tranzit can vary for each person but they will usually spawn on three of the following locations inside the secret lab in the Town region of Green Run.

  • Before leaving the first room, it will be on the left side of the room.
  • When you enter the middle white room, an item will be at the corner of the railing
  • At the bottom of the stairs, an item will be next to the barrels on the left.
  • In the steps next to the previous one.
  • Climbing the stairs, head right to the end of the corridors where sometimes an item can be found.
  • In the top-most room, either item will be on the table to the left of the bench, on the table to the right, or on the wall which is opposite the workbench

Once you have turned on the power wait inside the room with the workbench as you will not be able to leave for a while. As the electricity surges, you will see a unique zombie in a glass chamber in the middle of the room rising up and eventually busting out and escaping.

This is a special boss enemy in Black Ops 2 Zombies that will randomly harass you whenever you are playing on Tranzit. He can also stop the bus forcing you to fight or flee but hey! At least we have power now.

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