How To Turn On The Power in Tranzit in Black Ops 2

Turning on the power in the Tranzit can be helpful for you and your friends in a number of ways. So it really is advisable to get this thing done as soon as possible. In this guide, we will tell you How To Turn On The Power in Tranzit in Black Ops 2 in a few easy steps.

Follow these steps and you would not face many difficulties in getting this done.

How To Turn On The Power in Tranzit in Black Ops 2

The first order of business is to build a turbine. For that, you need to grab a mannequin from the central map, a wing of a toy plane from the nearby payphones and finally, a fan which is right behind the workbench. Place them all one by one on the workbench and you have created a turbine.

Using the turbine now open the doors to the bus station and hop onto the bus. Take a bus ride to the Power House. Once you get to the Power House drop down the power shed. Now you need to find three different parts, which are randomly spawned on different locations. These parts are the Circuit Board, the Switch, and the Zombie Arm.

Any of these parts can randomly spawn on any of the locations. These locations are the computer terminal or up against one of the two stack of boxes. Combine the three different parts on the workstation to make yourself a switch. Flip the switch to turn on the power.

Items Spawn Locations to Turn On Power

  • Before leaving the first room, it will be on the left side of the room.
  • When you enter the middle white room, an item will be at the corner of the railing
  • At the bottom of the stairs, an item will be next to the barrels on the left.
  • In the steps next to the previous one.
  • Climbing the stairs, head right to the end of the corridors where sometimes an item can be found.
  • In the topmost room, either item will be on the table to the left of the bench, on the table to the right or on the wall which is opposite to the workbench

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