NBA 2K23 Ronnie 2K Rebirth Quest: How To Unlock & Complete

Ronnie Singh, also known as Ronnie 2K, has returned with NBA 2K23. You can find him during your MyCareer journey to unlock a few new options to help you on your way.

Speaking with Ronnie 2K will also unlock his Rebirth quest which holds significance. Completing the quest will allow you to create a new character in NBA 2K23 while keeping your current progress.

The following guide will tell you exactly where to find Ronnie 2k in the City and how to unlock and complete the Rebirth quest in NBA 2K23.

How to unlock/complete Ronnie 2K’s Rebirth Quest

Rebirth allows you to initiate a new MyPlayer Build without impacting your current progress. However, what makes Rebirth a difficult quest to complete is the grind you’ll have to make in order to reach a 90 OVR with your MyPlayer.

In order to complete Ronnie 2K’s Rebirth quest, you must complete all the requirements in four different locations on the map to earn multiple prizes as a part of the unlocking.

All Ronnie 2K locations in the City for the Rebirth quest

Before heading out to search for Ronnie 2K, note that his Rebirth quest is a little different on both the current- and previous-generation platforms. If you are playing the game on a PC, you are officially playing on a previous-generation platform.

On current-gen

Ronnie 2K keeps moving between the northern and southern districts of the City. If you are playing on current-generation platforms—PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X|S, and PC, you need to first finish the NBA Summer League to be able to begin the Rebirth questline.

Below we have given all of the map locations to find Ronnie 2K in the City.

Ronnie 2K location #1 (65 OVR)

NBA 2K23 Ronnie 2K Location 1

Once you reach a 65 rating, Ronnie 2K will be waiting for you near the subway station in the northeast part of the City, near the Northside Knights headquarters. Speak with him to get a Ronnie 2K & Sophie t-shirt.

Ronnie 2K location #2 (75 OVR)

NBA 2K23 Ronnie 2K Location 2

When you reach a 75 rating, Ronnie 2K will move to the southwest part of the City, near the Finders Keepers store. Find him near the subway station over there to get the Spawn location ability.

Ronnie 2K location #3 (88 OVR)

NBA 2K23 Ronnie 2K Location 3

The evasive character will then head to the northwest part of the City, standing at the 2K Sports Building just northwest of the first location.

Find him there near the subway station when you reach an 88 rating to be able to free roam and play shirtless.

Ronnie 2K location #4 (90 OVR)

NBA 2K23 Ronnie 2K Location 4

Reaching a 90 rating is the final requirement of the questline. When you hit that high rating, make your way to the South City Vipers to speak with Ronnie 2K one last time to end his Rebirth quest.

On previous-gen

If you are playing NBA 2K23 on either a PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, or PC, your game will not have the City. Hence, you cannot roam around the City searching for Ronnie 2K.

What you have to do on previous-generation platforms is to just get on the GOAT boat and hit a 90 rating to be able to create a new MyPlayer character.

How to use Rebirth in NBA 2k23

Upon completing all the requirements and reaching the required 90 OVR, you can create another MyPlayer in the available slot and as you create one, a Rebirth prompt pops up on the screen asking you where to place your Rebirth Character.

Each Rebirth player gets access to 25 Badge Points, Initial Max 90 OVR, and all prizes from previous gameplays.

Select “YES” and create a new Build for your character. Once all the cutscenes are over with, you’ll be taken to your Crib where you’ll start your MyCareer mode with all features already unlocked.

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