Fallout 76 Wastelanders Ally: Sibling Piracy Walkthrough

The Sibling Piracy quest in Fallout 76 Wastelanders tasks you with searching for clues regarding Frankie, Beckett's brother

Sibling Piracy is a brief quest in Fallout 76 Wastelanders DLC. This quest starts after you’ve completed the Bot of Gold quest. In this guide, we’ve given a really short and easy walkthrough of the Sibling Piracy quest which leads you to a bunch of rewards.

Fallout 76 Wastelanders Sibling Piracy

The Sibling Piracy quest tasks you with searching for clues regarding Frankie, Beckett’s brother.

Searching for Frankie’s whereabouts is an easy task. You’ll start at the Camp where you’ll have to interact with Beckett.

Beckett asks you to find the Information Executer of the Blood Eagles named The Eye, later on, he tells you where you can find him, at a place called the Lab.

Once you’ve interacted with Beckett, you’ll start the quest. Simply move ahead and find a Scorched Officer on the road, take the Silo Bravo Code Piece K-7 from him and head directly to the Vantage (Found on the map).

After fast travelling to the Vantage, you’ll come across few bunkers and cabins where you’ll encounter a Legendary Blood Eagle Spotter found near the Turret on the path going down.

Kill him and take his loot which includes an Exterminator’s Tesla Rifle, Fusion Cell, 5.56 Round and an Assault Rifle. Take these items and carry on with the quest.

In the same area, you’ll find a few Blood Eagle Executioners, make sure to shoot them from a distance as they can easily take you out with their heavy shots.

Once you’ve taken care of the Blood Eagle Executioners, take all of their droppings and head down the path into a broken cabin to find a weapon workbench.

Scrap your items there and move up the stairs on the right to find few Gasoline Canisters along with some ammo. From here, you must fast travel back to the camp and interact with Beckett.

After interacting with him, you end the Sibling Piracy quest and will be rewarded with (7) Purified Water, (14) 2mm Electromagnetic Cartridge, a Sharpshooter Assault Rifle and (6) 5.56 Rounds.

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