Fallout 76 Wastelanders Compound Bow Location Guide

Interested in being an archer? This guide on Compound Bow location in Fallout 76 Wastelanders update should help your dreams

The newest update in the Fallout 7 has some new exciting stuff for the Wastelanders. The new content in the Wastelanders update also includes new weapons such as Final Word and a Compound Bow. In this guide, we will give you Fallout 76 Wastelanders Compound Bow Location to add to your arsenal.

The bow is the newest weapon every Wastelander would like to use to his advantage but where to get the bow? Well don’t worry as this question along with all you need to know will be answered in the following guide

Fallout 76 Wastelanders Compound Bow Location

For crafting the compound bow in Fallout 76, you will need to visit the right vendors which can give you the plans. Once you have the plans, just read them and craft the bow at the workbench. But where are these vendors?

You can visit the new settlements in the Wastelander’s Update for Fallout 76. The first vendor can be found in Crater which is the Raider’s stronghold built at the crash space station in the north.

The other vendors can be found in the Foundation which is a settler town in Spruce Knob in the south from where you can also buy the plans for Compound Bow in Fallout 76.

You just have to build a relationship with either settlement with the lowest “Caution” levels which will help the vendors to build the much-needed trust in you so that you can trade with them.

Once the relationship has been built, visit the respective vendors. For Raiders, visit AE-RI by going up the stairs under the sign saying “Guns, Guns, Guns”.

As for the vendor in the Foundation, Make your way to “Sunny’s General Goods” which you will find as soon as you enter the Foundation.

Both the vendors will provide the plans for 300 caps. Once you have the plans read them by finding them in your inventory in subheading saying “machine guns”.

Then go to the weapon bench to craft it. You can easily craft the arrows by using the tinker workbench.

Another way of obtaining the plans for the bow is to not spend your caps! Just make your way through the questline at the Wayward which is the new bar opened near the Vault 76. Doing so will earn you the plans for the bow as a reward.

Compound Bow Upgrades
You can make your bow much more deadly by using the perks available under Perception.

The Archer perk which you can upgrade to Expert Archer and then to Master Archer can increase the bow damage up to 30%. Similarly, the perk called “Bow Before Me” perk will ignore the enemy’s armor and stagger them.

Combine the stealth of the compound bow with the Chinese Stealth Suit and you can basically take out most enemies without them even realizing it.

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