Fallout 76 Wastelanders Ally: An Eagle Flies Free Walkthrough

Beckett, or as I like to call him, Beckett the Bartender, needs your help in taking down the Blood Eagles...

Beckett, or as I like to call him, Beckett the Bartender, needs your help in taking down the Blood Eagles in Fallout 76 Wastelanders Ally: An Eagle Flies Free quest.

Beckett knows the ins and outs of different gangs, which makes him the perfect mastermind to carry out the operation with a high probability of success during An Eagle Flies Free mission.

Using Beckett’s information and with the help of his allies, you will set up the entire preface to taking down the Blood Eagle gang in Fallout 76.

Fallout 76 Wastelanders Ally: An Eagle Flies Free


  • X5 Stimpaks
  • X80 5mm Rounds
  • X1 Gauss Rifle
  • X5 2mm Electromagnetic Cartridges
  • X1 Blood Eagle Leather Jacket
  • X1 Blood Eagle Leather Jeans

Assist Beckett
Beckett needs help in taking down the Blood Eagles. Their organization is too powerful to be left unchecked, and to do so he will need the help of specific allies including yours.

In order to win them over, you will be performing a series of favors we have listed below.

Dirty Little Secrets
Beckett regrets his past, and has so asked you to help him in redeeming himself.

The first task he will give you is asking you to find Edwin’s diary. Which will be guarded by a Honey Beast, Stingwing Skimmers, and a bunch of Glowing Stingwings.

Take care of them, and proceed to the abandoned camp where you can find Edwin’s Diary in a chest. Return the diary to Beckett.

Exit Sage Left
The next friend on the list we will be helping is Sage, a possible maniac who lost his mind due too overdose.

Head to the objective marker and you will discover ‘Blake’s Offering’. The cult members here will immediately start to attack you. Rescue Sage from the cult members and head back to Beckett.

Out of Key
Edwin has apparently denied joining the group, and needs more convincing. Beckett knows of a way fortunately enough, he wants you to find the key to his weapon cache, and hopefully kill the person who stole it.

At the marker, you will find a tree that you can climb onto using the stairs. At the very top, you will find a red chest containing the item you need. Return to Beckett with the key once found.

Traitor’s Demise
Edwin’s gang wants the traitor Bronx dead, who stole the key to the weapon cache. When you reach the manor, you will find Bronx sitting outside on a chair. Shoot him dead to complete the objective and talk with Beckett.

Retrieve the Buffout Supply
The Buffout Supply will be guarded by a bunch of hounds called Mongrels, they’re fast, but relatively easy to take down.

Once you take care of them, head into the cave, and you will find several Ghouls guarding the supply. You can find the Buffout Supply in the room up the stairs. Take it from the chest and return to Beckett.

Spilling Blood
Time to take care of Beckett’s past trauma by killing the Blood. Blood can be found at the marker in the make-shift settlement. Kill him and return to Beckett with the news.

Rescue Noodles
Edwin is in a state of despair due to the fact that he has lost his pet dog named Noodles. A cry for a person’s dog can simply not be ignored.

So, we’ll be heading out to save it which can be found in Johnson’s Acre. Noodles will be all tied up, so free it and return to Beckett, beware though, you’ll have to face some resistance from the residents there.

Shooting Star
A key member of the Blood Eagles needs to be taken down, Star. He can be found in the Seneca Gang Camp wandering around. Take him out; which should be fairly simple, and head back to Beckett.

Bot of Gold
Edwin is sick, and in order to help him out, you need to rescue Miss Nanny. Head to the marker and enter the facility through the door behind the counter. Here, you will find the bot residing, save it and return to Beckett once again.

Sibling Piracy
Near the Vantage, you will be able to find location running wild with Blood Eagle gang members for Sibling Piracy mission.

Here, we will be trying to find out any information regarding Frankie, Beckett’s brother. In a duffle bag up to in the lookout tower, you can find evidence regarding Frankie’s location.

Retrieve the Poison Supply
While Beckett is busy listening to the recording, you need to go and collect the Poison Supply.

The objective is right next to the Sons of Dane compound. You can find the supply in the area Ammo Dump. Take care of the turrets, and pick up the supply from the trailer.

Kill the Eye
It’s time to take out the Eye for what he has done to Beckett’s brother. The objective marker is located right on top of Crimson Prospect.

You should be able to find the Eye wandering up top, be careful of any sentries though. Once you have taken him out, head back to Beckett.

Killing the Eye will finally finish the ‘An Eagle Flies Free’ quest, and strengthen your partnership with Beckett.

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