Fallout 76 Wastelanders All That Glitters Walkthrough

In Fallout 76 Wastelanders All That Glitters quest, you’ll finally get to head inside Vault 79 and see what’s going...

In Fallout 76 Wastelanders All That Glitters quest, you’ll finally get to head inside Vault 79 and see what’s going on in there. To help you secure Vault 79 and complete the All That Glitters quest, we’ve prepared this guide to walk you through it step by step.

Before you can start All That Glitters quest, you need to finish Division of Wealth in Wastelanders DLC.

Fallout 76 Wastelanders All That Glitters

To start off All that Glitters in Wastelanders DLC, enter Freddy’s Basement and talk to Paige. Tell him they’ll never be able to break you and he’ll get ready to crack the vault.

Travel through the tunnel to the Motherlode
Use your Power Armor Chassis and make your way down this tunnel safely. You’ll be attacked by crickets and mole miners but they don’t have that much health, so use your shotgun to take them down in one hit.

Keep moving straight forward and you’ll reach the Motherlode. Tell her that you need to get into the vault and she’s the only way. She’ll open up the vault for you.

Enter Vault 79 and Clear the Breach Room
As you enter the vault, you’ll see four turrets in each corner (on the ceiling), so take them out ASAP using your shotgun to clear the Breach Room.

Meet Jen at the Laser Grid
Interact with the terminal adjacent to the door left of Jen and click ‘Agnitude’. Open the door and walk through. As you do so, security forces will show up.

Clear the Security Forces
You’ll be attacked by a trio of robots, but you should be able to take them down very easily using your shotgun or any other high-damage weapon.

Talk to Penny
Interact with Penny and she’ll inform you that she’ll be leaving the vault and going back to the Foundation as it’s starting to get a bit too dangerous for her.

Meet Radcliffe at the Turret Hallway
Before Radcliffe opens the door, enter your Power Armor Chassis and prepare yourself as you’re about to enter a tough fight.

Clear out the Atrium
As soon as the door opens, you’ll be attacked by two turrets hanging off either sides of the ceiling so try to pre-fire them. You’ll then be attacked by a Legendary Assaultron Dominator.

The key in these fights is to strafe properly and avoid getting trapped in the corner. Use a high-damage weapon and keep shooting them as you evade their attacks.

He’ll even turn invisible during the fight so you have to be extra cautious with him. After eliminating him, keep walking forward and kill all the little robots in your path.

Peek corners carefully as there might be a turret there waiting for you. Use the access terminal to open the Atrium door.

In this area, you’ll be attacked by more turrets, robots and a Legendary Annihilator Sentry Bot.

Before you fight the Annihilator, take out the turrets first to make the fight a lot easier for you. If your health is low, head inside one of the rooms up the stairs to heal yourself.

The Annihilator is a large, chunky bot so he moves very slowly. Compared to the Assaultron, this fight should be a walk in the park for you.

Enter the secure section of Vault 79
You’ll now be attacked by a mob of ghouls, so keep moving back and shooting at them. After they’re taken care of, head to the safe area to complete the ‘All That Glitters’ quest and can now start Cheating Death in Fallout 76.