Fallout 76 Wastelanders Cheating Death Walkthrough

Wastelanders brings with it a heist in Fallout 76 and in this Cheating Death walkthrough, we will show you how to finish a related mission

Before the Vault 79’s heist is executed, another problem has come up in the DLC of Fallout 76 Wastelanders. A member of the gang has seemed to split and nobody has been able to find him, to ensure his safety, you must go looking for him and bring him back in this Fallout 76 Wastelanders Cheating Death Walkthrough.

Fallout 76 Wastelanders Cheating Death

Lou is suicidal, and in this quest, you will be trying to convince him out of his trivial emotions. Bringing him on board for the Vault 79 heist is important.


  • 3x RadAways
  • 15x 5.56 Rounds
  • 1x Shishkebab
  • 2x Fragmentation Grenades

Talk to Meg about Vault 79
After rounding up Meg’s gang, she will ask you what all the fuss is about in Vault 79. You will have to convince her that whatever is in there, is extremely valuable.

Once done, you will be showing Meg the plans for Vault 79 as proof to solidify the treasure’s existence.

Vault 79 Plans
Put the plans on the board next to where you and Meg were talking. Once you are done laying out the foundation of the raid at Vault 79, it’s time to go ahead and find the elephant in the group, Lou.

Go find Lou in his Room
Head to Lou’s room who will apparently have left the place and leaving a letter behind. Sadly, Lou didn’t feel wanted and decided to leave the group.

However, he left Fisher all his stuff, about which you will go ahead and confront Fisher.

Speak with Fisher
Prior to speaking with Fisher, you can go ahead and check his terminal for additional clues.

Once you have done that, you can talk to Fisher with additional knowledge regarding the tracker on Lou. He will eventually tell you where Lou is.

Go to Lou’s Last Known Location
By tracking down Lou, you will reach a cave’s entrance. Head in and you will find Weasel, who is tracking down Lou and wants to find him.

Speak to Lou on Intercom
Once you’re done talking to Weasel, head deeper into the tunnel with her and use the intercom to talk to Lou. Unfortunately, the place has been rigged to below and you must find him before he uses the detonator.

Find Lou
Talk to Weasel and she will suggest blowing a path forward through the tunnel. You will come across a room where a man-made suicidal machine is placed.

Head forward and take the stairs to the lower level with the minecarts. In this area, you are going to find quite the resistance including Fog Crawlers. Should be nothing too hard though.

Keep moving through the mining tunnel until you reach a room with spikes above.

When you enter the room, the place will close and the floor beneath you will collapse. Here, keep going forward through the path and you will find Lou just below a set of stairs.

Be kind, and you can convince Lou out of the death sentence he has given himself in Fallout 76.

Speak with Meg
After convincing Lou out of his suicidal madness in Cheating Death quest, head back to Meg and tell her about the entire situation, which will bring the quest to its conclusion.

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