Fallout 76 Wastelanders Division of Wealth Walkthrough

In Fallout 76 Wastelanders Division of Wealth quest, you will be helping out Paige and the Foundation so we prepared a guide to help out

In Fallout 76 Wastelanders, there is a new storyline in which you help out some new settlers who have arrived in Appalachia. In Fallout 76 Wastelanders Division of Wealth quest, you will be helping out Paige and the Foundation. For you, we have the complete walkthrough of the ‘Division of Wealth’ quest.

Fallout 76 Wastelanders Division of Wealth

At the start of the Division of Wealth mission, find Paige at the Founder Halls at the Foundation. The mission is unlocked after you finish Duty Calls quest in Wastelanders expansion.

At the start of the dialogue with Paige, you will be warned that if you start the Vault 79 with the Foundation, you won’t be able to continue with any quests with the Raiders at the crater!

In the dialogue, choose the option to help Vault 79. This will complete the quest ‘Siding with Foundation’ and start this quest.

Your objective will be to meet everyone at Vault 79. You can travel there by yourself or use the fast travel option to Freddy Fear’s House of Scares from the map for some price.

Outside the Vault, there will be some creatures you will have to deal with. Kill and loot them and then proceed inside the vault to meet Paige and others.

After the dialogue, there will be a broadcast in which you will be told that the Raiders have captured Dr. Penelope and they ask you to come and talk to Hijack. You will be given a Card to enter the office.

Your next objective will be to deal with Hijack at the Hornwright Industrial. Use the elevators to reach the Doctor and Hijack. A dialogue will start between you and Hijack.

Deal with him in a calm manner to make them leave. After they leave, talk to Dr. Penny. She’ll tell you the motherlode has been damaged by the Raiders.

After the Dialogue, travel to the Cave to navigate the motherlode test. In the cave, there will be a series of fake walls and enemies you’ll have to traverse and kill.

When you find the test spot, enter the Neural Oscillation Scanner. After you are suited up, fix the motherlode. Fixing all the points will complete the Division of Wealth mission.

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