How Does Fallout 76 Multiplayer Work? Everything You Need To Know

Even though we got many details from Todd Howard at Bethesda’s E3 conference, it seems like we have nothing. There is still a lot of confusion and speculation among fans about how actually may Fallout 76 incorporate elements of PVP into its gameplay.

Since this is quite a new step for the franchise that has been always been singleplayer only, we gathered a bunch of facts and opinions from around the web to establish, to the best of our ability, the workings of a Fallout multiplayer experience.

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Fallout 76 Multiplayer – A Brave New World

Before anything else, it is quite a bold move to bring something so fresh and exciting so late in the series that is adored by millions globally. Decisions like these are like two-edged swords because you could end up disappointing the particular fan base.

A good example is how the Call of Duty series took a different direction since Modern warfare series. The resulting games, all focusing on futuristic setting, were not bad games at all. However, they changed so much over the hit Modern Warfare Trilogy and Black Ops that some of the fanbases were lost.

Again, you can also go right by bringing in new changes. The Phantom Pain was the first game in the long-running Metal Gear Solid series to introduce open-world freedom. It did so in such a seamless and consistent fashion that the change was only for the better. Both critics and audiences (most of them) loved it.

So bringing new elements and changes to a popular franchise is not always a bad thing, but is sure a risky one. Of course, you cannot deny the huge success of Elder Scrolls Online, so it is only fitting that Bethesda tries the same way with other franchises.

We will see in the coming years how Fallout 76‘s brilliant strategy of multiplayer holds up. Here is to hoping the gamble taken by the studio pays off.

What is Exactly New in Fallout 76?

From what we heard at the conference, Fallout 76 will most definitely be online only as Todd Howard puts it:

“Fallout 76 is entirely online”

This means that say bye bye to the pause menu and get ready to start again with that heated argument with your mom about how online games cannot be paused. This is confirmed by Todd’s quote during the conference.

Now let us get to the other part, playing solo or multiplayer? As per Todd Howard, you can play either way, albeit on a working internet connection, but the former mode will be missing some crucial aspects and features of the game.

This comes in the form of the base building, that you can carry out with your friends or destroy hostile players’ bases, again with the help of your buddies.

The game takes place in West Virginia (you can see the brighter color palette), years before the events of the first fallout, so it will be a prequel to all the Fallout games that before it. The game begins as Vault 76, one of the first ones, opens.

Todd Howard himself confirms the map to be 4 times the size of Fallout 4.

Fallout 4 World

Judging from the comments, the game will follow saving and progression in a way closer to what World of Warcraft does where all the progress is saved online on a server.

In a server (there will not be a list to choose from) that will be yours to play in, from the beginning, will have some ‘dozens of’ players whom you can come across while you traverse the landscape.

Now from the ‘Art of Cooperation’ video, you can see how there’s reward attached to activities like taking revenge for other players. You can then carry on with the quests that you get in the game or battle against other groups of real players.

We can also see a brief bit where it seems like the group of players is crafting some resource or item.

As we can see in the gameplay showcase, you can venture out on adventures in a group of 4, hunting down monsters and briefly halting to share some emotes (yup, Fortnite-style, baby!).

Now the really interesting and new stuff starts with the ‘Laying Cornerstone’ informational video. This lets you in on the new feature introduced, the base building. Now, you will be able to create everything ranging from garages, vehicles to turrets, and even coffee makers.

This is genuinely interesting because it gives you that vibe and experience of what you may actually feel like in a real post-apocalyptic world.

Of course, there will be attacks and threats from mutants and other players occasionally who will try to mess with your safe haven. Then there is the cool photo mode in which you can pose with downed monsters to show off and all.

Lastly, ‘The Keys to Atomic Success’ shows how there will be some nuclear missile sites riddled around on the map. It is for the player and their friends to find the keys or codes for launching the missile.

Again, cooperation will come in handy. Now proceed to launch the missile where you would want to, maybe start with your ex-girlfriend’s base first?

Solo Mode

According to Todd Howard, the Solo Mode simply does not exist, that is you would still have players around you, existing because of the always online connection.

Furthermore, there will not be any NPCs to give quests except for a handful of robots so expect a lighter story and plot elements from this installment.

This, however, also does not mean that the whole quest system is gone. Fans of Fallout series would not be surprised if quests were obtainable through pagers, holograms and other environmental aspects in the game.

What Could be in Store for Us?

Now, this all the fanbase is speculating and what could potentially be there for the Fallout fans. Communities like Reddit, 4chan, and Facebook have ever been so active to discuss what they would want or be likely to see as we near the release of Fallout 76.

Fans have expressed much vagueness over what Todd really meant when he said every surviving person in Fallout 76 would be a real one. Could this mean no NPCs whatsoever? Then how will the quest system really work?

Do we just find clues by roaming the world? Do we get weekly events like many of the multiplayer games? Guess we would like to find out.

Most fans, after seeing what Todd Howard had to show, feel like Fallout 76 with its multiplayer would be along the lines of the PC survival simulator, Rust.

Both games share the same idea of surviving by constructing necessary equipment and teaming up (or not) with others.

Some people have even gone so far to see some of GTA Online in all the wasteland saying that Fallout will have features like the private sessions where you could invite friends or just head into a public one.

Some people have expressed concerns over the idea of being handicapped by playing solo.

This means that if you are playing alone and minding your own business, after a while you may have gathered enough resources to build some cool stuff.

However, what if a raiding group of four undoes all of your hard work by killing you off and stealing everything? Of course, this may be frustrating and may encourage players to always play in a group. Maybe that is what real survival is like, no?

So expect a bit of Rust, a bit of GTA Online, some Conan Exiles, and maybe Sea of Thieves? Borderlands, anyone? That is what the fans think and that is what we cannot wait to find out as we head down the road to experiencing the Wasteland ourselves.

This is everything we so far know about how Fallout 76 Multiplayer will work. If you have any more questions, feel free to let us know in the comments section below!

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